Top Most Internet Slang / Chat Terms – Less Known to All of Us

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Internet Slang-Chat Terms

Here we provide you with most used, but less known Internet Slang/Chat words now. You also may have used some them, one time or the other. Sometimes with a Friend, Sometimes in a WhatsApp or Facebook Status, Sometimes on your loved ones birthday cake etc etc. Actually, We Humans always have the wanting nature at every stage of our life.


Internet Slang-Chat Terms
Internet Slang/Chat Terms


That Desire of wanting new gives out life to some things like Tech Gadgets, Chat Language Words, Short Hand Manuscripts etc etc. So, there is a importance for every idea, right? Then, even Chat Language is important and convenient for human life which is now filled up with smartphones and PC’s everywhere. SO, let us have a look on to them. And some of those chat words are here.

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Some may be known, some maybe unknown. But they all belongs to the chat language family. And they are given below here :

  • LOL = Lots of Laugh
  • SOHF = Sense Of Humor Failure
  • BYT = Bright Young Thing (or) Before Your Time
  • LIL = Little
  • LBM = Little Big Man
  • IIGHT = Alright, OK
  • SHIZZLE = Sure
  • NIZZLE = Nigga
  • CIHY = Can I Help You?
  • DIKU = Do I Know You?
  • CARPE DIEM = Seize the Day
  • MIA = Missing In Action
  • SE = Special Edition
  • XXX = Kisses
  • HON = Honey
  • BSTL = Bam, Said The Lady
  • BOMBSHELL = Very attractive woman
  • BQ = Be Quiet
  • MEH = Be it as it may (or) equivalent to shoulder shrug
  • TUDE = Arrogant or Cocky Attitude
  • FUBB = Fouled Up Beyond Belief
  • MHMM = Yes, sure, OK
  • HOOT = Good time
  • AA = Alcoholics Anonymous (or) African-American (or) Automobile Association
  • JB = Jail Bait
  • SNF = So Not Funny
  • LYLT = Love You Long Time
  • OHAC = Own House And Car
  • TRU = True
  • PAKI = Offensive term for a Pakistani
  • RHINO = Older man looking for a younger woman
  • TCP = Transmission Control Protocol
  • STS = Smirk To Self
  • VM = Voice Mail
  • WBU = What About You?
  • S2 = Love (heart shape)
  • @_@ = Hypnotized, dazed
  • HBU = How About You?
  • IONO = I Don’t Know
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These are some of the Less Known Things – Internet Chat/Slang Terms. It is very common that Where-Events will be Free for your Child-born.

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