Hyundai plans to build a Long Range Electric Car by 2021

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Hyundai Electric Sedan-High End Genesis Vehicle - Image Credits:Reuters

On thursday, Hyundai Motor Co. said it is going to place its bet on Long Range Hyundai Electric Car which seems to be their new product strategy. As soon as you see to hear about Electric Car now-a-days, the first name that comes up to our minds is Tesla.

Logo of Hyundai Genesis - Image Credits: REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji
Logo of Hyundai Genesis Electric Cars

Being a giant automobile manufacturer, there is no wonder that Hyundai wants to be on top of the list in Electric Car Manufacturing, which was a huge task of taking Tesla down. So, it ain’t gonna happen in few months. A long term planning and implementation is needed to that. That’s what Hyundai is trying to do now.

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Hyundai Electric Sedan-High End Genesis Vehicle - Image Credits:Reuters
Hyundai Electric Sedan-High End Genesis Vehicle

And their product have some fabulous features to attract eyes of many people. Let’s check those features then.

Hyundai Electric Sedan (SUV) – Long Range Premium High End Genesis Vehicle:

  •  It has got first dedicated electric vehicle platform in Hyundai Co., which is a pretty good thing to invest upon.
  •  Once you fully charge it, you can drive for long distances ranging from 300 to 500 kms reportedly.
  •  Not only that, as Hyundai already stepped into Long Range Fuel Cell Cars, it might try to create a Long Range Premium Hybrid Vehicle which can go upto 1000 kilometers, if you have a full fuel tank + full charge in it.

    Hyundai Motor's new fuel cell. Image Credits: REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji
    Hyundai Motor’s new fuel cell.
  • Eco-friendly in nature.
  • Economical Power Usage with Maximum Mileage Options.
  • It comes under Hyundai’s High-end Genesis brand, which is one more interesting thing for potential buyers.

Although the Tesla Electric Cars perform way more better than the Seoul Based Automobile Manufacturing Giant’s electric cars, Hyundai is pretty serious about grabbing the Iron Throne of Electric Cars Kingdom.

Adding to this Hyundai’s Exec. VP Lee Kwang-guk told a news conference, calling the technology mainstream and realistic., 

We’re strengthening our eco-friendly car strategy, centering on electric vehicles.

So, hell yeah, Hyundai is fixated on building long range premium electric cars as they started to see the future scope of Electric Cars.

Hyundai Electric Car. Image Credits: REUTERS/Carlos Barria
Hyundai Electric Car

All Image Credits: Reuters

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