How To Use Instagram on Desktop – Tricks to Unlock Instagram

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Instagram can be unlocked and can be used on desktop too. With a little hack, instagram can be used on desktop too. Instagram is only available for mobile devices. Instagram can’t be used on desktops but can be on mobile devices.  The name itself conveys the Real Meaning behind it. To share Instant Clicks of Pictures and short-timed Videos all around the World. It was founded by Kevin Systrom, Mike Kreiger as a part of their project named “Burbn“. It was launched in October, 2010 as an Mobile App. Later on, it went viral and acquired its own status among the famous Apps. Finally, Facebook acquired it for a whoomping deal of $ 1 Billion Dollars, both in Cash and Stock basis in April, 2012. However, Instagram‘s growth is rapid than Facebook’s Growth, once upon a time. Time-to-Time it updated itself and introduced the web-version too, but with some restrcitions.


The Web-Version of Instagram isn’t much user-friendly when compared to its Mobile Version. How many of you agree with this? I think almost all of you will agree with this, because of the Restrictions put upon Web-Version of Instagram. But, it isn’t going to happen anymore. Here I am. I will help you to use the Instagram in the most effective way on your desktop too.


First of all, Open Instagram on your Web-Browser. All you can see is just the news feed. That too updating very slowly, when compared to your Mobile App performance. Even you cannot see the list of notifications, followers list, following persons too. So, what is the use of it anyway? Most of you think it this way. But, some take it as advantage, when their phone is broken or got into some sort of repair. So, what to do in such position? I will elucidate the things for you. Don’t worry. Just Cool down. Use these Tricks Guys…

  • Upload your Photos into Instagram: Login into your Instagram account via your web-browser. Then, go to the site “Deskgram” and get registered in there with the access of your Instagram account. Then, you can upload any photo or short-tmed video into your Instagram via this Deskgram site very easily. Pretty quirky trick, huh..!!!
  • View anyone Profile on Instagram, privately: Go to “” and search by filters of Tags, Categories or by usernames too. Then, you will get the suggestions through it. Look at the profile or page you eanted to see so, privately. No one knows that you’ve seen their profile actually by this.
  • See your News Feed and Images/Videos without any hastle: I suggest the users of this method to install Google Chrome to use this method. The, go to webstore of Chrome and search for “InstaGram for Chrome.” You get to see the extension exactly naming like it. Just install it and login into your Instagram in Chrome. After installing this, you will see the difference of Updation in News Feed, loading speed of Images/Videos etc etc advantages through it. It’s the best thing every Web Instragram user should do so.
  • Iconosquare-The Best Way to see Analytics of Instagram: The best place to analytics of your Instagram Account by accessing the “Iconosquare.” It lets you see the Analytics of your every moment on Instagram from your starting day on Instagram. You can see your followers here, posts here, pictures here and many more too.
  • Connect your Instagram with other Social Networks: Wanna Connect your Instagram with other Social Networks? Then, do this one. Just go to “IFTTT” and link your Instagram Profile to it. And then you can link and post or do anything you wish to do with your Instagram Account by connecting it to other social profiles. Great Way for Insta Lovers, Online Maniacs.
  • Find Pictures by HashTags and Usernames: To do this, just access the “FindGram” and search basing on Filters of hashtags or usernames, to see the official pictures of respective suggestions privately.
  • Find Who Unfollowed you: Go to “Unfollowers.Com” and Login with your Instagram account to locate who infollowed you. Or other things like who blocked you, reported spam of you. Such things are clearly displayed in this site.

#Fact: The Word “Instagram” is a Portmanteau of “Instant Camera” and “Telegram”

These are all the Tricks to access Instagram in the most efficent way on your Desktop. I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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