How To Root and UnRoot Android Device

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Root and Unroot Android Device

Android, Yes, it is a revolution to be considered now.We all are familiar with Android Devices. But let me give you a brief  intro about Android and later about Android Rooting and Unrooting.

Android is the mobile operating system, which is currently being developed by Google. It is based on Linux kernel mechanism. It is fundamentally designed for touchscreen mobile devices. Actually Android developed by Android Inc. at first, but later in 2005 Google bought the concept from it.

First of all, getting deeper into the topic ” How to Root and Unroot Android device”, let me clarify the doubt of many of you,i.e;Why should we Root an Android Device. The whole and sole need of Android Rooting is for User Compatibility.

Rooting is the procedure that allows access to the users of the devices running the Android mobile operating system to obtain all the restricted controls, which is known as root access. Due to its parental kernel of Linux, Android Rooting grants alike access to Admin or Superuser permissions as in Linux. So, many of the tech freaks refer this Android Rooting to the JailBreak of an IOS operating devices. But, it reduces the security level of the device, because f the chances of cyber attacks on such devices is easy.

Now, let us dive into the actual topic. Here we go.

How to do Android Rooting?

Rooting is easy, simple process. It can be done quickly too,depending on the conditons. But there are no standard ways for Android Rooting for all the devices. But before rooting you should check whether your Android Device is supported or not for Rooting Process. If not, visit the XDA Developer Forums and find your device model in the sub-forums listed there, by specifying your Device Details.

Android Rooting and Unrooting
Android Rooting and Unrooting

Now, after finding the things listed above, you can think of Rooting your Android Device. Here, I list some of the most useful and efficient Rooting Tools for Android Devices.

  • KingoRoot:

This is the one of the most popular and trusted rooting tool, on which you can relay upon. It can root maximum all types of Android Devices, as per my perception. You can have a look at the Supported devices list offered by KingoRoot.

Actually, Kingo Root is Windows app. So, just enable USB debugging and then connect your Android Device to the computer, and then the Kingo Root will automatically try to root the device. If you don’t have a PC, no problem. KingoRoot also offers an Android App too. Install it as external app and use it for device rooting.

  • TowelRoot:

This is only available as an Android apk file version. You can fetch it from its official website TowelRoot.ComAfter downloading apk file, install it and use it for the purpose of Android Rooting.

And finally I recommend you all to install SuperSu App from the Google Playstore. Because it helps you to control the app permissions and accesses. Otherwise, the device becomes unstable and prone to cyber threats.

How to UnRoot An Android Device:

Another advantage of the SuperSu app is that it can totally UnRoot a Rooted Android Device by following simple steps, that are instructed by the app itself.

So, thus we can Root and UnRoot an Android Device safely and simply. If you have any queries, just Contact Us.