Know The IP Address Of Any Website or Computer In The World

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IP Address of a Website

IP Address: The IP Address of any website can be known. It’s no secret. The process of knowing the IP address of a website is really simple. However, the IP address of a website can be masked. But you can know the public IP of the website. IP Address stands for Internet Protocol Address. Every network connected device in this world has a IP address. It’s a form of identity. Likewise, every website will have a IP address too. Some website have static IP address and the others have dynamic. Static means the IP is constant, static and does not change, dynamic means that the IP may change or is variable.

IP Address of a Website
IP Address


There are several methods for knowing the IP Address of a website. We’ll discuss the most common and most simple methods here. The methods stated here are for everyone, no prerequisites required. We’ll discuss 3 simple methods in this tutorial, no technical expertise required. Let’s get started.

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#1. Using a Google Chrome Extension: Shodan

This is the most simple and the best method for knowing the IP address of a website. I would recommend this method and personally use this method. The best part of this Shodan extension is that, it would also return the city, country and organization of the IP address along with a map. Remember, we are just getting to know the public IP address of a website. The original IP Address of the website may be masked for security purposes. I’m sure, you would be definitely reading this article in the Google Chrome browser. If not, I would recommend you to download Google Chrome browser here: . Now download Shodan extension from the Google Chrome Web Store: . Add it to Google Chrome and restart your browser. Now let’s know the IP Address of Navigate to and click on the Shodan extension. It would return the IP, city, country, open ports and organization that is assigned with the IP address. This extension works well on all the platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux.

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Shodan - IP Address of
Shodan – IP Address of


#2. Pinging A Website From Command Prompt / Terminal:

Pinging a website would display the IP address of the website. So what actually is pinging? We just send small bytes of data to the website (web server actually) to check the server where the website is hosted is active or not. This process is known as pinging. The web server responds telling us that it’s active. In this process, the IP address of the website is displayed. This process is same in Mac and Linux too. Just fire up terminal and type ping to know the IP of Google.

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Pinging a website in Windows:

  • Go to Start  and type cmd.
  • Now open Command Prompt.
  • Type: ping to know the IP address of Google.
Ping - CMD
Ping – CMD


#3. Website: IP Location Finder:

A website can also be used to find IP Addresses of other websites. Navigate to and type the URL of the website of which you want to know the IP Address. It simply returns the country, city, region and geographical location of the website along with the organization.

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