How To Hack WiFi Password Using Smart Doorbell

by Praneeth Karnena 1

Smart Doorbell Hack

Home WiFi password can be hacked using Smart Doorbell. Smart Doorbells are advanced devices which notify the owner of the house when a visitor presses the doorbell. The owner gets notified to his/her smartphone. The owner can even see the picture of the visitor with the help of the Smart Doorbell. The owner can even communicate with the visitor remotely using this advanced device. The owner can receive and get notified by his/her smartphone where ever he is on the planet.

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Hacking WiFi Password Using Smart Doorbell:

Smart Doorbell is connected to the home WiFi network. All the communication is done through the home WiFi network. Using this Smart Doorbell, the password of the home WiFi network can be extracted. The security hole is uncovered in Ring – a modern IoT Smart doorbell. This security flaw allows hackers to take complete control of the home WiFi network.

Smart Doorbell Hack
Smart Doorbell Hack

Step-by-Step Instructions To Hack WiFi Password from Smart Doorbell:

  • Detach the Smart Doorbell by using a screw gauge.
  • Press the orange button on the back of the Smart Doorbell. This orange button puts the device’s wireless component in AP (Access Point) mode.
  • Pressing the setup button puts the doorbell’s wireless module (a Gainspan wireless unit) into a setup mode  which acts as a Wi-Fi access point.
  • Now we have a WiFi Access Point, so we can connect to it using a Smartphone or a PC.
  • Connect to the WiFi Access Point using the URL:

(where is the IP Address of the router).

Accessing the above page directs you to the following page:

Hacking WiFi Password Using Smart Doorbell
Hacking WiFi Password Using Smart Doorbell

The password is clearly listed in the opened webpage. This flaw was later fixed by the Smart Doorbell device manufacturer.