How To Download & Install Drivers In Windows

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How To Download & Install Drivers In Windows: A driver is a piece of software that keeps your windows running smoothly and prevents any hardware interruptions. Drivers are different for different vendors. DELL, HP, Lenovo or ACER have different drivers. Installing a mismatched vendor driver can cost you very much.

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Downloading Drivers:

You need to download all the drivers to your hard drive before you could install them.

  1. Know your vendor first.
  2. Get your Service Tag or Serial No. Turn down your laptop and check for the Tag or No. and for some vendors, it may be hidden beneath the battery. If you lost your Service Tag or Serial No. then there is nothing to worry about because all the vendors gives you the ability to automatically detect the hardware and download drivers.
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Service Tag
Service Tag

2. Navigate to your respective vendor website from here and Enter the service tag to download drivers.

DELL || HP || Lenovo ||  Acer || Toshiba

Drivers Download
Drivers Download

3. Begin installing the drivers after the download and restart your PC or laptop whenever demanded.

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