How to Delete Snapchat History or Chat Conversations

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0


“How-to-Delete” the Chat History in Snapchat? It’s a question that I was asked most from a few days. It’s quite simple though. However, I can just elucidate it for you. Be with me, don’t get distracted. I hope many of you who search for this are most likely want to do this for some personal and privacy reasons. Right? I think I guess right always. So, let’s dive into the topic now.


You want to clear the History of Chat or Conversations History, right?

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>>Steps for Deleting the Chat History in Snapchat:

First, Swipe up and go to top corner of Snapchat.

And then click on the Gear Icon.

SnapChat-Gear Icon
SnapChat Gear Icon

And from there on, just tap the option of “Clear Conversations.


And then clear the Chat History of particular person, you just wanted to clear or delete off.

Or all conversations at once by using the “Clear All” Option given there.

You think that solves and satisfies your need. No, if you think so, then you’re fooled. Am not kidding. Or am I?

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Yep, it is not sufficient at all. If you need more protection and privacy of your deleted data, so that it cannot be retrieved again, you need to use extra apps for that. Yeah, it’s a drag to use extra apps. But, we should do that, if you want complete privacy.

Apps such as “Cache cleaner” etc are available just for these purposes all the time. They are available in both App Store and Google Play Store. It just clears away the data, if any unwanted remnants are present still after clearing the conversations or chat history. And there you go. All set now.

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