How to Change Microsoft Windows Logon Screen

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0

Change Microsoft Windows Logon Screen

The so simple Microsoft Windows logon screen can be changed and customized. The same logon screen bores us. Every time, you Logon to your Windows, you get the to see the same Windows Logo Wallpaper each and every time. Don’t you wanna change that thing and put your Favorite Wallpaper replacing it? I wanted itso badly. So, I replaced it with my favorite picture. Why don’t you try the same thing for your Windows Logon Screen. But, the question is “How?”.

Change Microsoft Windows Logon Screen
Windows Logon Screen

No worries mates. I’ll help you out to change your Windows 7 Boring Logon Screen.

For that you sholud follow these steps:

Procedure to Change Windows LogOn Screen:

  • Download a Wallpaper of the same resolution as your screen’s resolution(recommended).
  • And that should be .jpg file-type picture only.
  • Make sure that the size of the wallpaper does not exceed 250kb.
  • If it exceeds a size of 250kb, then compress it online or offline by using softwareslike Caesium, Fileminimizer or CompressNow(Online tool).
  • Rename that file name as “backgroundDefault.jpg”.
  • Paste that file in “C:\Windows\System32\oobe\info\Backgrounds\“.
  • If there is no folder named Backgrounds in the respective folder, you create one then.
  • And then hit Windows+R, which shows up the Run command.
  • Now, Type regedit and Hit Enter.
  • Now, Registry Editor opens up.
  • Soon after Registry Editor’s window opens up, hit Ctrl+F.
  • And find this keyword “oembackground“in the search bar.
  • Then, you will see the following screen.
Windows, Regedit LogOn Screen Tricks
Regedit Editor Trick
  • Once you get this screen, Double click on OEMBackground.
Change variable
Variable Change
  • And then Change the value to 1 and click “ok”.
  • That’s it and you are done.

From the next time you Logon into your Windows, you get to see this. Enjoy the brand new desired Logon Screen and chill out. Make your Friends jealous by using this silly little trick. 

And you can even surprise your friends by putting up their pictures as Wallpapers on some special occasions or their loved-ones pictures as Windows Logon Screens. That may be crazy, but use it at your own risks.

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