How Did Chrome Dino Game born – Mystery Revealed

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0

Google Dino Run-Night Mode

Chrome Dino Game and its birth:

Google has a personal T-Rex dinosaur model, called Stan in their California headquarters.

Based on this T-Rex model, Google Chrome Developers Team designed the Dinosaur Game that appears in our Google Chrome when there is no internet/error. Soon after its deployment, it gained popularity from most of the chrome users.

It helped them to waste their time playing the Dino Game instead of waiting for the Internet. So, it became hit sooner than expected.

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But, Chrome Developers didn’t leave the things there. They wanted to update it to make the game much more interesting. As they thought, they did it. Chrome Team introduced the pterodactyls into the game to make it funnier, challenging game to play on.

Chrome Dino Game
Chrome Dino Game

After the update of this game, there were birds/pterodactyls attacking the running Dino in the game.

Another interesting thing is that Night Mode appears for every multiple of 700 points.

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And it stays on till next 100 points. For example, if you got into Night mode at 700 point mark, it stays on till 800 point mark.

Chrome Dino Game - Night Mode
Chrome Dino Game – Night Mode

Before the update of Chrome Dino Game, the T-Rex Model, Stan was decorated in such a way it represents the upcoming updates of dino game.

Chrome Dino Game - Update to Stan
Chrome Dino Game – Update to Stan

And that’s how we got the chance of playing the Chrome Dino Game.

That’s the story behind the Chrome Dino game design, which is due to the existence of Stan, Google’s own T-Rex Model.

Thank youStan” for making Internet-less/Error-prone Chrome much more interesting than ever before. 

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And that’s the story behind Google Chrome’s Dino Game. Hope you liked it.

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