Hoverboards Ban – Risky Weird Things

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0

Hoverboard Raze

Yes, HoverBoards aren’t the things to carry everywhere from now. Let me give you some info about Hoverboards.

  • “Self-balancing scooters” are known by various names including “Swagways”,”Hoverboards” and “Rideables”.
  • Counter-Balance and Control the speed of the wheels is achieved through usage of Gyroscopes.
  • Can generate a speed upto 20mph.
  • Swagways are referred to be HoverBoards in most common.
  • However, Hoverboards are Levitating User Controlled Platforms; that can fly, whereas Swagways are Self Balanced Hoverboards with wheels on land.

But, Why are these HoverBoards are being banned and removed from most of their shopping sites and zones?

I will say why this is happening most recently. Because of some recent incidents that happened after usage of these hoverboards, many questions aroused about thespecifications and security standards of these weirdo things.

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A Teen riding a “Hoverboard” died in a Crash with a Bus in London. “He is riding a Self-balancing Hoverboard at the time of the crash”, police at the scene, Scotland Yard said. So, due to this instance usage of these hoverboards on roads are questioned in the judicial court. Then, They gave an ultimatum to ban Hoverboard use on public pavements and roads in the UK and the Crown Prosecution Service has released an statement that they are not legal for road use.


And there were many more incidents that made these Techy Things unsafe to use.

Other thing is “Major US airlines banned the Hoverboards,Swagways from both Checked & CarryOn Luggage,due to safety constraints about the batteries.” American, Delta, United, Jet Blue, AlaskaHawaiian and a leaping list of airlines stated that Hoverboards aren’t permitted, due to risk of their batteries catching fire.  Until Now, Southwest Airlines is the only US airline service that didn’t ban these Hoverboars on-board.

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Skate type Hoverboard
Skate type Hoverboard

And even many shopping sites of Hoverboards pulled back many of their products. OverStack.com totally wiped of this item from its site stating they may be dangerous to use. And even, Giant Online-Shopping website, Amazon also pulled off many of the hoverboards and sent notices to their designers and sellers at once. Due to the Recent Incidents, Amazon alarmed and made some serious decisions about selling these products and reported to the respective companies making creepy unsafe hoverboards. However, Hoverboards belonging to SwagWay, Phunkeeduck and some other providers still appear on its platform, and even will stop selling these, if they cross safety concerns. Still these products appear on Online-shopping sites like HoverBoard360, ebay etc.

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Thus, there is a threat to the existence of Hoverboard and it is wise to buy such a product if and only if you were sure about its specifications and safety concerns. So, is this Hottest Christmas Holiday Gift going to vanish in few days?