Hackers Steal Data from Cisco Routers – Implants Found in India

by Praneeth Karnena 0


Hackers Steal Data from Cisco Routers – Implants Found in India. Hackers steal data from Cisco routers by implanting their operating system and replacing Cisco‘s default operating system. Security researchers have identified attacks by hackers as they implanted their operating system replacing Cisco‘s which allowed them to steal vast amounts of data from Cisco routers. Cisco, the world’s largest maker of routers and networking equipment has confirmed the attacks and warned customers to fire back to their default operating system.

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Cisco Head-Quarters

US Security research firm FireEye has identified 14 instances of router implants in India, Mexico, Philippines and Ukraine. Cisco said that it had worked with the security firm FireEye to help customers detect the attack and roll back to their default software.

FireEye Chief Executive Dave DeWalt said of his company’s discovery, “If you own (seize control of) the router, you own the data of all the companies and government organisations that sit behind that router.”  The affected routers have been used to hit multiple industries and government agencies, DeWalt said. The implanted software, which duplicates normal router functions, could also potentially affect routers from other makers, he said.