Google’s Project Fi – Super Fast Internet Access to All

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0

Project Fi by Google

Google‘s Prestigious and Most Awaited Project namely, “Project Fi.” It is now primarily introduced in U.S. However, it’s quite Revolutionary Idea in present Era. Because, now-a-days, even in remote villages we can get access to internet services through the usage of mobiles. And, this is the most deliberate reason that made Google to introduce the concept of “Project-Fi.”

Project Fi by Google
Google’s Project Fi

“Project Fi” comes with a special SIM card and is based on a heap of factors. It switches between the networks and wifi, based on the strength and compatibility of the Signal of both at a time. And another interesting thing is that it can connect to both the signals at a time, which means you get your data saved most of the times.

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Google-Project Fi-Sim
Google’s Project-Fi Sim

And another mind-blowing feature added extra spice to the Project-Fi by Google is “Encryption.”

Yup…I said right. It encrypts the accessed network at any location. But, we need an extra software called “Wifi Assistant” to use all these features at once. It will automatically connect your phone to open Wifi access points when you’re out of the home, reducing your data usage without any intervention on your part. And the encryption part is handled by Google.

Google cannot rely on its own network to deliver Project Fi, right? So, what did Google do? It’s Project Fi uses a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that uses Sprint and T-Mobile’s networks, as well as Wi-Fi connections when they’re available. Thus, Google solved the big-problem of network using simple tactics.

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Google’s Project Fi-WiFi network

And the surprising thing about living with Project-Fi is that it is very fast. Using the Speed-Test, we have virtually tested Wi-Fi and regular cellular network connections for Project-Fi and Verizon in some locations. But, Project-Fi was faster than any other network, across both Wi-Fi and cellular networks in both the cases of uploading and downloading.

Project Fi-4G Lite+ Wi-Fi
Google’s Project Fi-4G Lite+ Wi-Fi

So, it is protected, fast and economical too. So, no-one hates Google‘s Project-Fi, because of these super features. And it may be launched in a year or soon in other countries too. Hope I get hands on it much sooner. Aren’t you excited hearing about “Project-Fi?”

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