Google’s Project Soli – Revolutionary Gesture Control Technology

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Google's Project Soli

Google’s Project Soli – Gesture Control Revolution – ATAP division of Google. Yes, you heard me right. There exists such technology. Google ATAP actually means Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects. And this wing of Google handles all new advanced projects and experimental features of Google.

One of such kind is “Project Soli“. It is the most awaited feature yet to be rolled out by Google ATAP. It is still under development. However, let’s know about this thing clearly. Google’s Project Soli brings the remote to every gadget you use your fingers literally. Check out the video below.

Gesture Control is the Remote to all:

Which means your fingers are the keys of all-in-one-command remote of every gadget you use. And another interesting thing in this project design is that they are using Radar 2.0 technology for gesture control and understanding the gestures you make with your fingers. But, Radar is not a small size element to fit into the wearables we use frequently.

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Radar-Visualization-Loop-Project Soli
Radar Visualization Loop-Project Soli

That’s why it’s team designed a Chip with inbuilt Radar Tracking System that tracks all the human hand gestures. And named it as the “N-27516” chip. it’s very compact and small to use.

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Project Soli-N 27516 Chip
Project Soli-N 27516 Chip

It is just about the size of an SD card. And it’s the most powerful radar tracking chip in the world right now. However, they are re-designing it for much desirable, efficient results. Still, the development and testing section engineers of this project are working hard to increase the efficiency, training the familiarization of Sensitive Finger Gestures for a better outcome.

This is the story of this Gesture Control Project by Google ATAP.

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Project Soli Information:

Founder of Project Soli: Mr.Ivan Poupyrev

Lead Research Engineer: Jaime Lean

Lead Hardware Engineers: Mr.Emre Karagozler, Mr.Hakim Raja

Software Lead: Mr.Patrick Amihood

Design Lead: Mr.Carsten Schwesig

Features: Tracking Micro Motions/Twitches of Human Hand and converting them to control signals.

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