Project Shield From Google – Protects News From DDoS Attacks

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Google’s Project Shield:

Google Project shield is a premier project of Google that is aimed at protecting all the news websites from DDoS (distributed Denial of Service Attacks). Google’s Project Shield provides support to news websites with authentic and quality content. In order to get protected by Google’s Project Shield, a application has to be sent to Google certifying your  websites’ needs and procedures. As all of you know, Google Inc. is a company specialized in Internet-related services and products. Google includes online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software and much more. But, even Google wants to know what are the Problems faced by many websites now-a-days.

As all of us are well aware about the Google’s Unique Influence on Advertising, Search engine fields, and it’s as of now a Huge Company with Billions of worthy shares. So, it is now moving its pawns forward to influence the Web Protection for its own sake and profits, which has been shaded as Protection for Websites from the DDOS attacks under a well-named Project. And Google named it as “Project Shield“.

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Google's Project Shield
Google’s Project Shield

Whatever reason it maybe, this idea of Google is quite good for many websites, blogs and for its creators and users. So, apart from the hidden things and controversies behind “Google’s Project Shield”, let’s know what is good and worthy about it. Here we go. Let’s dive into the topic then.

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What is Project Shield in depth? It’s a Interesting Idea or choice of Google to help and protect the Web from its worst nightmare – DDOS Attack. Even Big sites fell a bait of DDoS Attacks. For example: MoonFruit – Big Hosting Platform was it’s remnant. So, Google decided to eradicate such things in Web giving a Chance to everyone to protect or get protected from the DDoS Attacks.

Google's Project Shield
Google’s Project Shield

And it refers to Jigsaw sub-domain of Google. So, all of you(especially Bloggers) intimate Google about your Website/Blog’s experience with DDOS Attacks in past. Or if you think there is a threat to your Website, then report to Google’s Project Shield about it. That’s it. If Google finds any considerations with it, then it’ll help you to Protect from such cases.

Applying Result for Google Project Shield
Applying Result for Google Project Shield

Myself gave a Tag-line to Google’s Project Shield. And that is “DDOS Attack on your Site. No-more chances for it. Be safe under Google’s Project Shield.” How is it guys? Oops, I hope you like it.

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That’s all the base-line story about the Google’s Project Shield. Share your Love for us.

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