Google Driving App Shortcut – New feature added to Google Maps

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Google Maps - Driving Shortcut

Google Driving App is just a shortcut feature added to the prominent app Google Maps. It is introduced for better User Experience. We all know about the Google Maps, which is so far a Huge-Hit among the Navigation Services all across the World. So, actually what is so special in dealing with Google Driving App Shortcut? What is it all about?  What are the Advantages of Google Driving Feature to you?

Well, I’ll reveal the story behind this new feature of Google Maps, namely Google Driving. It sounds like a good news for you.

Google Driving App Shortcut
Google Driving App

Google Driving App Shortcut is an extra added feature to Google Maps, which works integrated along with Google Maps. So, just add it on your Android and have the fun. “Because, all of us can do just one tap on Android, to find out whether to go on to the road or sip some coffee at near by Cafeteria during the Deadlock Traffic-Jam.”

Google Maps Hacks – Beginner & Pro

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Advantages of Google Driving App Shortcut is as follows:

  • Get known of Information like ETAs.
  • Get the Traffic Updates simply with a click.
  • Find the nearby fuel/gas prices from your Destination
  • Gives the suggestions of the possible quickest routes to many places of your wish.
  • Eg:Your Home, Your Workplace, All possible destinations.
Set Destination on Google Driving App
Set Destination on Google Driving App shortcut of Google Maps

To add the Google Driving App Shortcut onto your screen, press on your homescreen until your widgets appear. Then select the Google Maps Driving Shortcut Icon, after rolling the widgets and finding it.

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Google Maps Driving App Widget
Google Maps Driving Shortcut

Not only by this way, but you can also access this feature through Google Maps. It can be found in the sidebar menu. Tap the Google Maps sidebar menu and select the “Start Driving” option.


Google Driving App-Maps New Feature
Google Driving App Maps Feature

If you preset the home and work in Google Maps, you’ll get to see the ETA at times, when you’re mostly to be heading to those places. And if you have your map history enabled, there often we save those suggestions on several features like Location Data, Time and Day of Week. And further if you’re logged in, Google Driving will suggest you the destinations/places based on the recent Google Maps & Searches, when you open Google Driving App mode.

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Google Maps Hacks – Beginner & Pro

That’s it. So simple and Easy to do. Right? Then, why don’t you try it? I already tried it and found it to be very much helpful at the times of Traffic Deadlock for Kilometers long. I recommend using Google Driving App shortcut very strongly.

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