Google Decorates It’s Data Centers Walls With Beautiful Murals

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Mural on Google's Ghislain Data Center

Tech giant Google has started a new project named as The Data Center Mural Project. For this project, Google has partnered with artists to make things great and beautiful. Most of the technology and products we use can be done with the help of data centers. Data centers are large data houses which store and process data. But how actually they work and process data? To make people understand this process, Google has teamed with creative artists who paint and turn the walls of Data Centers into beautiful murals. These murals help people understand technologies like Cloud, Google Maps, Google Search, Google Chrome, Google Drive, Gmail and many more.

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Google's St. Ghislain Data Center
Google’s St. Ghislain Data Center


The Californian headquartered company is known for it’s diverse and creative projects. The main motto of this Data Center Mural Project is to make people understand how things work in the tech world behind the scenes. These beautiful and wonderful murals depict and describe Google’s products like Google Cloud, Google Drive and many more.

Google has currently set out with two data centers – Mayes County, Oklahoma and St. Ghislain data center in Belgium. Digital artist Jenny Odell powers the mural in Mayes County data center Oklahoma and another artist Oli-B brushes the walls of St. Ghislain data center in Belgium. Check out the pictures below:

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Murals On Google's Mayes County Data Center, Oklahoma
Murals On Google’s Mayes County Data Center, Oklahoma


Digital artists have really worked hard to make these walls of data center great. Google’s Data Center Mural Project is really gonna make people understand how things work at Google‘s data centers which holds the key to Google’s power. These murals were created after a lot of ground work by artists. The artists were briefed by Google employees about Google’s products and how they work behind the scenes.


Mural on Google's Ghislain Data Center
Mural on Google’s Ghislain Data Center


To create the art work on the walls, painters used a technique called Pouncing. Pouncing is the process where the art or image is printed on a paper as a series of small holes. These papers are hold against the wall and chalk was rubbed over them resulting in an impression on the wall.

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Google's Ghislain Data Center
Google’s Ghislain Data Center


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