Google Chrome’s Dino Run peppered with Dark Night Mode, Pterodactyls

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0

Google Chrome Dinosoaur Game

The Google Chrome’s “Dino-Run(Dinosaur) Game” is a pretty simple and quick way to crunch away time and lower your blood pressure, when the internet is down or went wild.

However, Google does not even compromise on updating its “Google Dino Game” Feature too.

Last Year, it introduced the One beaked Dino birds, namely “Pterodactyls” into the Game as enemies to our goody friend, T-Rex, the Dino Runner. You can escape from them by using Up/Down Keys, according to position of Flying Enemies Dinosaurs.

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Google Dino Run
Google Chrome’s Dino Run

And Now, it introduced the Night Mode of the Dino Run Game, very lately. You can get to see Night Mode of Dino Game, just update your Google Chrome to latest version. And then, Disconnect the Internet first. Then, start playing the game by opening a new tab or new window in your Google Chrome.

Google Dino Run-Night Mode
Google Chrome’s Dino Run-Night Mode

After you score a certain score, most likely to be near of 1000 or around, as of our trails and assumptions, you enter the “Night Mode” Instantaneously, without any user permission pop-up. It just changes the Day Mode to Night Mode, but the Location of Desert seems to be unchanged.

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Or else, If you find difficulties in getting Night Mode, there is an extension in Chrome Web Store. Find it here – Dark Dino.

That’s it. Job done. Now, you can enjoy your Google Dino Runner Game in Night Mode too.

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Go on. Just give it a Try. It’s cool and some kinda funny too.

That’s the Information we’ve decoded by honestly using the Dino Game in Night Mode, fighting against cruel Flying Pterodactyls. Thanks for reading this article. Share your Love for us.

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