Google and Indian Railways Team Up To Bring 1 Gbps Public WiFi At Railway Stations

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Public WiFi

In collaboration with the Tech Giant Google, the Indian Railways has launched Public WiFi networks with a speed of 1 Gbps at railway stations. The service was first launched in the Mumbai Central Railway Station. The speed of the WiFi network will stun you, it’s absolutely 1 Giga bits per second. This was the first public WiFi network in India to have such amazing speed. The service was launched in Jan, 2016.

Public WiFi
Public WiFi

The internet speed will be 1 Gbps for the first hour and may vary for the rest of the time depending on the no. of users and usage bandwidth. On an average, the WiFi speed will vary between 50 Kbps and 1Gbps. The free public WiFi service was offered by RailTel, the Indian Railways’ Telecom arm.

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The tech support and the back end technology was designed and developed by Google and was offered by Google India, Google’s Indian subsidiary. This project was announced by Indian Railways in Sept. 2015 during Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s visit to Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Narendra Modi & Google's Executive Team
Narendra Modi & Google’s Executive Team

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai has given Jan as a deadline for this project and completed it, hopefully in time. The Google CEO had showed his extended support to the Digital India campaign. This free public WiFi service from Google will cover 100 railway stations in India. This free public WiFi service was inaugurated by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu. The railway minister has extended his word of thanks to Google.

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Google said that this WiFi network is secure and robust and is scaled to handle max traffic. Google said in a statement that over 10 million people will enjoy this service in 100 railway stations nation wide in the coming days.

Google HQ - Mountain View, California
Google HQ – Mountain View, California – Pic taken in Jan, 2016

Google Fiber Optic Network:

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Google has been offering end user internet services under Google Fiber in some states of United States of America. Do you know the speed of Google fiber optic services? It’s absolutely 1000 Mbps which is 333% faster than an average Indian household internet connection which stands at 3.1 Mbps. Can you imagine the pricing of Google Fiber? It’s just $ 70/month which is Rs. 4,550. It’s extremely economical.

Google Fiber
Google Fiber


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