Google Allo got New Features and Updates Finally Now

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Google Allo

Finally, after many weeks from its launch, now Google Allo is ready to rock and roll with its incoming features. It is going to get new features and updates now. But, those updates will be available on Android first.

Google HQ - Main
Google HQ – Main

Google Allo Update Features – What else they’ve got to include?

Although these features are already implemented in many other apps, Google Allo is going to add them now onto Android. Look what they are:

  • Backup and Restore options
  • Incognito Mode for Group Chats ( Quite Interesting feature)
  • Rich Link Previews on Allo.
  • Allo Desktop version (Rumoured Update for Allo)

What are these features actually?

These features are mentioned in a Tweet by Amit Fulay, Google Allo’s Product Head. In short, the above the mentioned features are:

  • Backup and Restore is just a basic option that’s waiting to roll out on Allo. It allows the users to choose between chat and chat+media ‘Backup and Restore’ options. You can either backup chats and media in Google Drive or you can go for a local backup.
  • Incognito Mode for Group chats literally means that messages just disappear after a pre-set time by the user. Just like Snapchat. But, the interesting thing here is that Google Allo provides end-to-end encryption for these incognito chats too. Weird, but smart feature in my opinion. Google Assistant doesn’t work in these chats.
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  • Rich Link Previews provide the users with the previews of links before they open them.
  • Google Allo Desktop version will behave just like WhatsApp desktop version. And it is a rumoured feature that’ll be launched soon, maybe at Google I/O 2017.
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So, that’s all about the upcoming fabulous features and updates on Google Allo. We have to wait and watch until they roll out in every cross platform.

Google Allo
Google Allo

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