Google Acquires Twitter’s Mobile Platform, Fabric – A Boost For Firebase

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Fabric by Google

Fabric joins the Google Party lately – Firebase gets benefitted. On January 18 of this year, Google acquired the Twitter’s Fabric silently. But, why all of a sudden Google took this leap of buying it? There are some very good reasons behind it. Before getting to know them, let’s discuss a few things about it.

Fabric is a platform that helps Mobile development teams to build better apps. It helps the developer teams by analyzing their users and letting them know what they’re thinking of which helps in ultimate growth of their business.


Fabric is now under Google Firebase
Fabric is now under Google Firebase


Fabric – Past and Now:

It was launched in 2014. Their motto is to provide the best tools for developers build apps easily.

In a short span of two years, it has grown so big and reached 2.5 billion active mobile devices mark. Their Crashlytics and Answers kits are recognized as the #No.1 SDKs for app stability and analytics.

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No.1 SDK in App Stability and Analytics - Fabric
No.1 SDK in App Stability and Analytics – Fabric

They have a community of more than 580K mobile developers benefitted.


However, after this acquisition by Google, there is a bit of confusion in its users regarding the updates in terms of service. So, Fabric revealed that the following terms of service will apply immediately following Google’s acquisition of the services:

But, Digits will continue to be under the maintenance of Twitter as per the existing terms.

Reasons and Theory behind Google’s latest acquisition:

As mentioned on the official blog, Rich Paret, VP of Engineering & GM of Fabric saidFabric and Firebase operate mobile platforms with unique strengths in the market today. We’re excited to combine these platforms together to make the best mobile developer platform in the world for app teams.”
Fabric is now under Google Firebase
Fabric is now under Google Firebase

According to critics, Google is deeply focused on turning mobile app developers into paid customers by upselling them from free developer tools to paid tiers. Which is why it acquired the LaunchKit in last July to impart developers with easier paths to create websites for their mobile apps.

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Another thing to consider here is that having watched Amazon’s success with AWS, Google saw the opportunities in selling its robust backend infrastructure to developers who are too lazy to build each piece of their app’s architecture themselves. That’s why Google acquired Fabric to get itself into the competition back. And as most devs believe in Google Tools, rather than of Twitter’s, it’s a good move to cash in this thing at the right time.

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Even though Fabric team is happy about the acquisition by Google, Parse founder Ilya Sukhar tweeted “Kudos to the folks responsible here. This isn’t easy. And I’m jelly.” Which means he feels sad about Parse’s position after its acquisition by Facebook.

Whatever happened is past already. So, let’s hope for a better future of this thing under Google Firebase.

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