Gmail Adds “Block” and “Undo” Button To Its Services

by Praneeth Karnena 0


Gmail Adds Block and Undo Button To Its Services – Gmail users often receive annoying spam messages from some Gmail addresses. To get rid of those annoying mails Google added “Block” and “Unsubscribe” features to its Gmail services. If a certain E-mail id is blocked, then new mails from that E-mail are directly  carried to the spam folder. This feature is present in Gmail services on web and was also added to Gmail Android and iPhone Apps. In the new Gmail, unsubscribing from newsletters was much easier with a fewer clicks.

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Google has also made strong efforts in improving its spam filters giving more control and flexibility to its Gmail users.

The New Gmail
The New Gmail

Google has also added “Undo” button to Gmail. Here is an example as how Undo button works, You want to send an Email to your aunt but you have mistakenly added your Boss’ Email in the recipient list and have clicked the send button in haste. At this instance, Undo button comes in handy, Undo button quickly helps you to cancel the delivery of mail within 30 minutes of hitting the send button. Isn’t it cool?!

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