GIFs Not Working On Facebook – They Just Behave Like An Image

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 8

GIFs No Longer Work On Facebook

GIFs or GIF Images are no longer supported directly by Facebook. GIF images can’t be uploaded to Facebook hereafter soon. While the reason is still unknown and Facebook refused to comment. GIFs can be uploaded to Facebook but they act just like an image. They’re static. They don’t seem to act like a GIF. They don’t have a video loop like a GIF should do. But there is a solution; upload your GIF to a image hosting website and paste the link in the place where you would like your GIF to appear. But, now it also seems to come to an end. GIF’s not working in Facebook Anymore. Yes, It’s True. Facebook stopped the working or supporting Embedded and uploaded GIF files in its site, from 2 Days. After checking it, by the Verification and Cross-Checking it with many Profiles of mine and my friends, I got circled into the one and Only possible Solution or Observation that ” Facebook doesn’t support GIF’s anymore.”

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GIF - Mark Zuckerberg
GIF – Mark Zuckerberg


Actually, I get to see many GIF’s animating on my Facebook News Feed. And I personally like the option of GIF animation files in Facebook. But, from few hours I felt strange when I hover the mouse over the GIF files in Facebook. I thought it is just a fault in loading the webpage. And even after many hours, I am facing the Same Problem. I checked profiles of many of my friends too. But, I get to know that the Same Issue arises in their Profiles too.

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GIFs not Working on Facebook
GIFs not Working on FB

An enquiry also reported the same from US and other foreign Facebook accounts . So, I found that it may be an Experiment of Facebook to check the Popularity and Productivity of GIF’s on its Platform. Facebook may be thinking to Convert it as Feature adding it to Facebook Wall, such as Posting a Status or Uploading GIF’s on the profiles without any hastle. And it may be even interested in buying the Big GIF sharing sites like Giphy, Imgur.

What-may-ever happened to Facebook, it is just my intuition about this very Problem or Experiment of Facebook or something else with the GIF’s featuring in  Facebook. So, if anyone else have the Same problem report it to me in the Comment Box mentioned Below. And I’ll reply the most possible solution to solve the problem of yours.

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And I’ve seen some controversial posts on Facebook Help, that I’ve come across.

R U Kidding Facebook?Oh oh
R U Kidding Facebook?

I hope you understand the Seriousness of this Issue. So, Share your Queries/Problems with us on Twitter.

  • Mily Gupta Dahlke

    Sometimes my hosted url plays as a GIF and sometimes the same url acts as a static image – so it is not about the host allowing the media to be played on a third party site – the behavior seems random and more often manifests as an image than as a playable gif

  • Kristin Young

    Bring IT back. And I don’t mean the clown.

  • Eric Bristol

    Just recently started having issues with gifs acting like pictures and only playing outside of Facebook. I tried using my laptop, desktop, nothing has changed. I thought it had something to do with their last update.

    • The last update has nothing to do with the gifs. They were behaving like that from long ago. To be technical, some of the websites that hosts the gifs do not allow their media to be played on third-party sites and Facebook can’t do anything with that. That’s all. Keep going!

  • Danilo Raul

    They don’t play anymore in my profile I have to click on the bottom link and they play outside FB that just fucking sucks!

  • Nicole Webb

    Why I miss the MySpace…you could post moving pics & glitter…I miss the glitter. FB so “Blue & White”…#Boreing #FaceBookIsDyingSlowly @Facebook

    • Yeah, we’ll try to carry your message to Facebook. 🙂

      • Nicole Webb

        Well, I posted this on my Face Book page. If you have a way for me to contact Face Book directly, I will. It’s not like My Space where you could just message “Tom”, Lolz