Get Protected From PC Radiation – Radiation Alert

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0

PC Radiation

Most of you probably don’t know that your PC or Laptop emits Radiation. Do you? If you don’t know this thing, then you are in Danger zone of Radiation effects. So, what shall we do to prevent this radiation. Then follow my words to prevent Radiation effects of your PC on you.


How many of are familiar with the word “EMR.” It means Electro Magnetic Radiation. Not only your PC, but every frequency-voltage changing equipment emits EMR. But, many of these equipments release negligable amounts of EMR. These include your Mobile Charger, Laptop Adapters and etc etc. But, the EMR that is emitted from your PC Screen has more power and so it will effect you. If you work or play with your PC or Laptop more, then you are seriously in a danger. The Blue-light EMR is emitted from your PC Screen, which damages Eye-Retina, Fingers and Thighs too. This Blue-light is harmful, if you are continuosly exposed to it. So, what to do next to prevent the risks of this radiation.

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There are some ways to get un-effected from these types of Radiation. They are :

  • Installing “Anti-Radiation Patches” on your PCs or Laptops. But it may seem somewhat expensive to you, but it helps you a lot. Many Software Companies opt this for their employees.
  • Using PCs or Laptops for less time and using them from a safe-spread distance and even External Mouse and Keyboard also help you to get un-effected from these radiations.
  • Using a Software to reduce or suppress the Radiation or Blue-Light EMR of your PC or Laptop. This is the most common and cheap trick to avoid the PC radiation. Here, I suggest one of the best Software Applications to suppress the PC Radiation Effects.
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Here is it. You can fetch it from Flux Official Website. It makes your computer screen look alike your room-in. After Sun-set, it makes your computer look like the replica of your Lights-Indoored.Choose your location in its settings. Then forget about the dangers of PC Radiations. f.lux app will do the rest, intelligently. It is available for Windows, Linux and Iphones/Ipads too..

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