GeniCan – Smart Garbage Can Attachment – Steals The Attention at CES 2017

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GeniCan - Smart Garbage Can, Grocery Helper

World’s Biggest Tech Show – CES 2017 brings on the party of Cool Gadgets. Every Year Tech Giants around the world gather here to display their latest, upcoming technologies and gadgets. However, this time it is much more interesting than ever.

Yes, because even garbage cans at CES 2017 are smart. Yeah, I said true. Don’t believe me? Check this out then.

GeniCan, an Indiegogo crowd-funded product steals the attention at CES 2017. It is a Smart Can Attachment that helps every homemaker.

GeniCan in action
GeniCan in action


GeniCan is an attachment that scans bar codes of the things you throw away into garbage can. And it figures out what you need to add to your shopping list. It is actually a WiFi enabled attachment. And it’ll respond to voice commands of you.

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GeniCan Features
GeniCan Features

It can automatically order items you need through Amazon‘s Dash Replenishment service. It is powered by Duracell batteries.

GeniCan-Amazon Dash Replacement System
GeniCan-Amazon Dash Replacement System

And it connects to your home wi-fi network to add items to the shopping list located in the GeniCan app on your smart phone.


Intentionally thrown items into garbage cans will not be added to the grocery list. You need to scan the item before the scanner for 2 seconds, then it’ll add that product to the list. If it cannot recognize the bar code on any product, it’ll work on your voice commands and add that item to your grocery list.

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Control and Operation of GeniCan using SmartPhone
Control and Operation of GeniCan using SmartPhone

Cost and Shipping:

It is available from a starting price of 149 USD. If you go for the special Pre-Order, you will be able to save 25 USD.

And the delivery of the desired product is expected in early 2017.

The Moment that led to the invention of GeniCan:

GeniCan Co-Founder and Inventor Rob Griffin watched his son throw away a ketchup bottle.  So, the best time to capture required items for the shopping list is the second you throw them away, according to Rob. And that’s the beginning of this invention. It was mentioned by Rob in one of his blog posts. Now it is led by Rob Griffin and David Pestka.

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GeniCan - Smart Garbage Can, Grocery Helper
GeniCan – Smart Garbage Can, Grocery Helper

And that’s why I mentioned earlier that even Garbage Cans are smart at CES 2017, Las Vegas.

I hope you liked this Smart Garbage Brainy thing. If you have something else in mind about this, post them down in the comments section.

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