Facebook WorkPlace vs Slack – Battle of Office Chat Rooms

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Facebook WorkPlace vs Slack – Battle of Office Chat Rooms begins. Yes, you heard me right. Facebook wants to win over Slack by this thing.


Battle of Facebook and Slack – Attack on Slack, the new commander of Office Chat rooms gonna be WorkPlace.


Questions that may you have to ask us:

  • But, what is this WorkPlace by Facebook actually?
  • Why is Facebook so serious about launching it?
  • Will it succeed?
  • Can WorkPlace win over the rivalry of Slack?

To all these questions, there is an answer actually. To bring all the companies get to use WorkPlace replacing Slack is the top priority of Facebook at Work right now.

WorkPlace Logo
WorkPlace Logo

All these thoughts happened to be in Crude Idea form on Facebook, from the point after Slack’s Huge Success and Dominance over WorkPlaces at many companies all over the world. But, they never revealed their intentions to compete Slack from then. They drew a plan and now launched Facebook WorkPlace with attractive features and all.

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Slack and WorkPlace History:

Slack, a cloud-based collaboration system launched in 2013. And it is used in offices all over the world due to its unique features. But, Facebook WorkPlace wants to kick Slack out of the game very badly. So, it was launched with an Intelligent Strategy. It was launched a few days ago as if it has the silence before a tornado.

“We already use tech to make our personal lives easier,” said Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook’s vice president of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, at the launch event. “It’s high time that we put that same kind of power towards business.”

Features of WorkPlace:

  • Assurance of Security and Privacy.
  • Additional Facebook Group Features.


Group Features-WorkPlace by Facebook

Group Features-Facebook Workplace

  • One-to-One video calling in high definition.

One-to-One Video calling-WorkPlace by Facebook

One-to-One Video Calling-Facebook Workplace

  • Conference audio calling.
  • $3/user per month. But, it comes down to $1/user per month, if a large number of employees from same company start using it.
  • Dashboard with Analytics and Integrations with Single Sign On.
  • Multi-Company group feature. (Rolled out today)

WorkPlace is launched in 2015 itself. But, with a different name of “Facebook at work.”

Facebook at Work
Facebook at Work

After many days of testing and experimenting it with around 1000 companies and 1,00,000 groups, it was finally launched recently. It’s the Beta Testing program of WorkPlace by Facebook.

The companies using WorkPlace is increasing slowly, but it’s a good sign of growth actually.

Companies that use WorkPlace right now are:

Companies using Facebook WorkPlace
Facebook Workplace-using-Companies

So, what are waiting for? If you are an Employee/Employer, just give it a try for WorkPlace, Facebook’s work-based collaboration and chatroom platform.

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