Facebook Rolls Out Profile Videos to Replace Profile Pictures

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0

Facebook Rolls Out Profile Videos so as to replace Profile Pictures. Facebook adds another feather to its crown again. It’s redesigning itself to attract audience. Now, this feature can give a bang to facebook’s profits, probably. Yeah, because it seems to be interesting feature though. Facebook is going to allow its users to make videos as profile pictures. For A change, Facebook has sought improvement and ease to its users. So, it came up with a decision like this.

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Facebook Profile Video
Facebook Profile Video

And it updated mobile profile pages to enable its users to personalize their profiles and privacy settings too. Profile Videos replace Profile Picture, which is a short looping video clip that users can create in place of a static profile picture. However,it is only allows a video of length upto 7 seconds. When will you change your static profile picture to a dynamic profile video. Doesn’t it seem awesome?