Facebook Reactions: Originally Copied From BuzzFeed

by Praneeth Karnena 0

Facebook Reactions - Copied From Buzzfeed

Facebook has recently launched Facebook Reactions, a new way to express user’s feelings like love emotion and excitement. BuzzFeed has already implemented reactions and Facebook Reactions has derived it’s from BuzzFeed. Facebook is on a quest to find out the new ways to express about a picture/post or video that you share on its platform, since last year. Everyone felt the need of adding a extra-spice emoticons options along with the like option. Facebook named this project as “Reactions” and experimented it in various markets through access to a limited users. After almost one year of experimenting, Facebook’s prestigious project Reactions has come up into the Techie world of Reality. But, this idea has been implemented by the famous social news and entertainment website namely buzzfeed.com, a long ago before facebook even started this project.

Facebook Reactions

Facebook being world’s top most social network seemed to copy the concept Reactions from the website BuzzFeed which includes like button along with it. BuzzFeed is social website which describes social news and entertainment which concentrates on digital media with an aim to provide the most breaking news,videos,entertainment,reports etc.

Buzzfeed Reactions

People login to Facebook every day to discover what’s happening around the world, and to share all kinds of things  such as happy, sad, funny and News Feed is the central way you can get updates about your friends, family and anything else that matters to you, and also the centre to have conversations with the people you care about. The new buttons include  ‘Love’, ‘Haha’, ‘Yay’, ‘Wow’, ‘Sad’ and ‘Angry’. Facebook reactions looks similar to the BuzzFeed reactions and the only change is the reactions. Except that everything seems to be the same. BuzzFeed’s first acquisition was in 2012 when the company purchased Kingfish Labs, a startup initially focused on optimizing Facebook ads.  As this website is not well popular people dont have the complete idea on what actually the reactions are and how facebook has copied the concept from the website. BuzzFeed include ‘LOL’, ‘OMG’, ‘WIN’, ‘CUTE’, ‘GEEKY’, ‘FAIL’, ‘WTF’. Mark Zuckerberg said that the initial stage of launch was successful and looking forward to explore it globally.