Facebook Games Arcade is Facebook Gameroom Now

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Facebook Games Arcade renamed to Facebook Gameroom

Facebook Games Arcade is Facebook Gameroom now. Why all of a sudden did Facebook renamed its Gaming Application “Facebook Games Arcade” to “Facebook Gameroom“?

Facebook GameRoom
Facebook GameRoom

Does anyone know the obvious reason of Facebook’s Action of renaming its own built-in gaming platform? So, what are you waiting for? Let’s know the things behind minds of Facebook Team.

There were several discussions over the success of Facebook Games Arcade.

Because, main intention behind launching it is to grab the influence over the gaming industry too. Which literally means to try and create dominance over Gaming Industry inevitably.

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And it was found that Facebook Games Arcade isn’t a name to attract users and it is somewhat complicated when it comes to other language users of Facebook. So, they decided to change the name to much simpler, cleaner one.

Facebook GameRoom Look-Collapsed Sidebar
Facebook GameRoom Look – Collapsed Sidebar

Then they came up with the name of Facebook GameRoom, finally. And that’s how the renaming of Facebook Games Arcade is done.

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Facebook GameRoom Look
Facebook GameRoom Look

However, this time Facebook took it so seriously and started promoting it on their own platform worldwide. As last time, they just promoted the Games Arcade only in Facebook Game Categories, it didn’t reach many of Facebook gamers. So, visual advertisements play a key-role this time for Gameroom.

Features of Facebook Gameroom:

  • Mostly similar to Games Arcade.
  • Improved Functioning.
  • Better Controls and Operation.
Facebook GameRoom Sidebar
  • Fixed most of the bugs.
  • User-Friendly version than Games Arcade.
  • Side-Bar and Categorized games give GameRoom extra points over Arcade version.
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And that is all about the new Facebook GameRoom

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