Facebook Games Arcade – New Application for Facebook Gamers

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 72

Facebook Games Arcade Logo

Facebook launched a new Application for Gaming Fans of its Platform. It is namely known as “Facebook Games Arcade“, which is a software application that signs you in with your Facebook Account Credentials. And it contains only Games of your Choice and Interested Games and their Category Suggestions.

Update: Please check the near end of the article for new setup instructions of Facebook Games Arcade.

We still don’t know what is the intention behind this new launch of Gaming Software Application for PC users. But, very Recently Facebook is testing some of its new features and ideas on its Platform directly. Few Days Back, we got to see the Facebook’s new Reaction of “Thankful.” However, they pulled back that feature the next day itself.

And now it came up with a Concept of “Facebook Games Arcade App.” Let’s have a look at it first. It looks like the Steam App, but it works just like Facebook Games Category Style. And we can even think that Facebook wants to compete and conquer the Gaming Field too. That’s why they may have released this new feature.

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Facebook Games Arcade
Facebook Games Arcade

Facebook Arcade Games is a fine and small application that let’s you play all Facebook Games by just using that software application itself.

Facebook Games Arcade-Permissions
Facebook Games Arcade-Permissions

You can download it from here.

Facebook Games Arcade App
Facebook Games Arcade App

After you sign in, you get to see your Profile and settings on Top. But, all those notifications and settings are only for Games. You can enable/disable the notifications tab as of your wish.

Facebook Games Arcade Login
Facebook Games Arcade Login

And after that, you get to see the Tab of Your Games scrolling in the middle of App.

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FaceBook Games Arcade FrontLook
Facebook Games Arcade Front-Look

And another interesting thing is that, Facebook released different versions of this App for different type of users. For example, Here we’re using BETA Version of Facebook to download the app, so we get the Facebook Games Arcade’s BETA Version. If you generally login to Facebook, then in Games Category, you get to see the download app/ play in app options. That’s how Facebook differentiated its users too.

Categories in Facebook Games Arcade
Categories in Facebook Games Arcade

Whatever may be the Reason behind this Experimental feature of Facebook, it seems good for Gamers. You can just click on App and play your Favorite Facebook Games, without hassles of Adobe/Shock Wave Players crash/functioning issues in Browsers. And Facebook is also benefited from this feature. It may can soon make a Market of Gaming on its own, if this feature succeeds.

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Update: New Setup Instructions For Facebook Games Arcade

  1. Download the Facebook Games Arcade Desktop App.
  2. Now open the setup file to begin the download of Facebook Games Arcade application.
  3. After successfully downloading the required files, you’ll be asked to login using your Facebook credentials.
  4. Now login using your fb credentials to play Facebook games on your desktop.

That’s the Information we’ve decoded by honestly using the App.

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  • Julie Goodman

    I’m using window 10 but today it won’t load my games all i keep getting is couldn’t load plugin

  • Mee San

    I have a windows 7 operating system. The beta was working just fine. Then i was working on abode flash player, just after that the arcade stopped working. i uninstalled & reinstalled but i keep getting installation failed. Kindly help please

    • • Close Facebook Arcade
      • Go to C:UsersPublicFacebook Games folder
      • Delete all the filessubfolder in this path
      • Open Facebook and download Facebook Arcade Application again.
      • Make sure you have the updated Facebook Games Arcade version.
      • That’s it. Mostly this thing solves the problem of you.

      Feel free to question us at any time.

  • Constance Peace

    how do we uninstall this pain in the butt? I tried it and didn’t like it.

    • • Close Facebook Arcade
      • Go to C:UsersPublicFacebook Games folder
      • Delete all the filessubfolder in this path

      Feel free to question us at any time.

  • Idalia Vega

    Hi, I uninstalled FB arcade and re-installed and it bugs when
    installing, I get this message : Installation Failed :Install Failure, I use windows 7 home edition,if I had it before why I can’t download it again,can someone help please.

    • Mus Mkab

      • Close Facebook Arcade
      • Go to C:UsersPublicFacebook Games folder
      • Delete all the filessubfolder in this path
      • Open Facebook Arcade and download E&A game again
      make sure you upadate fb arcade and games version

  • Luana Arturi

    How do I deactivate the arcade notifications without it affecting my Facebook notifications?

  • Stéphane Levesque

    Hi, I uninstalled FB arcade and re-installed and it bughs when installing, I get this message : Installation Failed :InstallFailure.

    I run Windows 10 on a rescent PC

  • Dano3266

    hello, i try to play game in faceebook arcade app but app download game 113 MB and after this game do not start but again download same game from 0 to 100 % (113MB ) and again and again

    • VCKsquare

      Can you specify your OS, Features of your PC/Laptop?

      • Dano3266

        Win 10, Acer aspire V3 772G, NvidiaGeforce GT 750M, i5-4200M 2,5GHz
        before update game work excellently, but then i update it on my phone and when try to update on FB games, it download game over and over. I reinstall FB games and delete folders : C:UsersDAppDataLocal/FacebookGames and Facebook folder, not work.

  • Yuriy Yakimov

    I want to play so bad in this APP facebook Arcade Game beta setup
    But i can’t even install the app

    IT SAYS: Connecting, also i did the method2

    And still without able to run the app :/
    Windows 10, i tried changing dns, and alot of things, install or reinstall
    Please i want to play Time to be a hero in Facebook Arcade app :/

    • VCKsquare

      We have found that “Facebook Games Arcade” is unstable in Windows 10. We’ll get back to you asap. Stay tuned for that solutions and updates of DustMoon.Com

  • Dakota Cahill

    Has anyone worked out how to get it to work? I’ve flushed my dns, changed my dns, uninstalled and reinstalled several times, but it still just hangs on F Games screen. Please help..

    • VCKsquare

      Can you specify your OS, Features of your PC/Laptop?

  • Heather Walshaw

    hi can you tell me where i go to find the app for the chat so i can run it down the side of the beta games plz

    • VCKsquare

      There is no such option designed by Facebook till to date..but, you can use http://www.messenger.com designed by facebook in your browser with notifications enabled. So, even when you play games in Facebook Games Arcade, you get notifications of messages from your browser.

  • Peter Sookielala Betts

    I like the concept, but unless you can open more than once instance (A la Browser Tabs) its is not for me. I like to switch back and forth between Diggy and Trainstation

    • What do you mean actually? You wanna play multiple games at once in Facebook Games Arcade. Or anything else?

    • VCKsquare

      You can do that thing too..Stay tuned to DustMoon.Com for those information articles.

  • Tim Irish

    hello dustmoon. i did read your Flush DNS Resolver Cache to solve this. Please refer to Method #2 in this article: http://www.dustmoon.com/how-to… but i try open Facebook Games Arcade. still not work. i feel sad. my laptop window 10. how i can open Facebook Games Arcade? i feel frustrated now. how you can help me?. reply me asap

  • Te Te

    Help me please TT.TT I can’t connect it…

  • Daniel Lau

    I’m literally stuck on the Connecting part when the setup opens. Does it need admin rights to download?

  • Lady Skyy

    I have gotten and DL’d the app. However when I try to install it, it tells me I do not have permission if Im using Admin. If I dont use Admin, it does nothing…Using WIN10 (pain the the woohoo alone) Thanks for any info o r help on this matter. <3

    • Will you please share the screenshot with us.. It helps in assisting you further.

  • Michael Adrian Javier

    When I open the app, I click it and then wait like a minute or two then the app opens. The app shows a [f] games and that’s it. I am so annoyed. Btw, I’m on Windows 10

    • Hey! The app is in it’s beta version. Please give it some time to get stable.

      • Miris

        They can have some time but also to get us REMOVE button in the mean time

        • Hello! We’ve updated the article with new setup instructions. Please follow the instructions for setting up Facebook Games Arcade App. The setup is tested and is stable.

          • Miris

            I don’t care, i want remove button. I will play by facebook anyway so i don’t want nor need something that is annoying me all the time. As a user i do have right to remove something from my account if not possible, then is the spam and its violating my rights.
            Please tell that to the creators of that annoying app arcade!

          • Please be more specific. Do you wish to remove Facebook Games Arcade App from your PC? If Yes, please use the standard built in Windows installer/uninstaller to perform the task.

          • Miris

            I didn’t install the app, but i ckecked my comp anyway and can’t find the Arcade.
            But it’s keep popping up every time (on fb) i want to play any game.
            Please advice

          • We’re investigating this issue. We’ll report it to the Facebook App Team once we have a precise idea as what has actually happened.

          • Miris

            I can tell you, there is something on fb accounts.
            On the same comp two different fb account playing the games. One actually has no such pop up arcade issue, the other has.
            So it is not installed on the comp but rather hanging in fb account.

          • I see. We’re sorry you had that issue. We’ll notify the Facebook Team as soon as possible.

          • Miris

            Thank you.

          • Miris

            And please tell me, honestly, can i play the games without this arcade app?

          • Yes of course, you can play the games at http://www.facebook.com . But if you wish to play those games on your PC, you need to install the Facebook Games Arcade app.

          • Miris

            But i already play the games on my comp on full screen, so why do i need arcade?
            I just don’t understand. I feel like i’ve been pushed this arcade, what’s the deal?

          • The app is just for dedicated gamers.

          • Miris

            Ok, i am playing daily too, but not for all day.
            So how can i get rid of that annoying pop up?

    • Hello! We’ve updated the article with new setup instructions. Please follow the instructions for setting up Facebook Games Arcade App. The setup is tested and is stable. Happy Gaming!

  • grammadiamond

    I just wonder whether it screws you over, like the PHONE app does. On the phones now, you can only play from ONE account, and there is no way to log out if you happen to play games from more than one account. For instance, my hubby doesn’t play games, so I use his account to play, so I can have another one to play on when I run out of chips. I think that this new app is made just so that you CAN’T play from multiple accounts, BECAUSE they WANT you to buy chips, and people are getting hip to that. NO THANK YOU!!!

    • VCKsquare

      You can use multiple accounts in Facebook Games Arcade. But, all you need to do is that after running out of chips, log out from the App. And then, just sign in with your account and enjoy Facebook Gaming without disturbance.

  • Jill Taylor

    I downloaded it to be able to go straight to my games without getting distracted… it works ok but I can’t find a way to zoom the screen anymore. Can’t see any help or settings for the app – am I missing something obvious?

    • Hello Jill! May I please know which version of Windows you are using?

      • Jill Taylor

        Hi DustMoon, have just found your responses to my comment, thank you! I am using Windows 10 and still using the app. The game I play most often is ‘Calcudoku’ (a form of Sudoku involving maths) The larger game grids (8×8 up to 15×15) don’t fit on the gaming screen so I have to do a lot of scrolling. Rather than make the game bigger I would actually like to shrink it to fit the screen better! – something I could do before. However, for me, being able to play without other distractions goes a long way to make up for the need to scroll 🙂 Perhaps I should be contacting the game maker to see if they can put zoom controls into the game settings?

        • Patrick

          This is the game maker 🙂

          On what kind of screen are you playing?

          And maybe it’s easier to send me email directly (to “calcudoku at gmail dot com”).

    • Hello! The fb games can’t be played full screen but the gaming window can be zoomed enough to fit your complete screen size.

      • Miris

        I was playing full screen all the time, even before arcade app

        • Lady Skyy

          You are using in game mechanics to play full screen. Im guessing Jill is talking about HER games that do not have the in game option to full screen. Usually why piggy backing is kept to the SAME issues. Makes it easier to get info out. 😉

  • Nirmala Kumari


  • Ruth

    Does this run on Windows 8.1??

    • Yes. It will. Its working on my Windows 8.1 just fine.