Embedded Tweet Support on Quora – Latest Product Update

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0


Starting from Today, we can enjoy the Embedded Tweet Support on Quora. It’s the latest product update from Quora.

Till now, Contributors of Quora community used to insert the Screenshots of the Tweets they wanted to show others.

But from now onwards, that isn’t going to happen. Because, Embedded Tweets are now supported by Quora Editor.

So when you paste a tweet’s link into Quora editor, it will appear inline from now. Not only in answers, but also you can embed tweets directly into blog posts, comments, or question details without the hassles of using a screenshot.

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Embedded Tweet - Video Support on Quora
Embedded Tweet Support on Quora

We all know that Twitter is fantastic, due to its unique design and features. So, embedding a tweet in Quora allows all the readers to directly interact with that tweet.

The Embedded Tweet might be a retweet it or embedded twitter video/image, you can get to access that via Twitter straight from Quora.

And this is officially announced by Elynn Lee in the Product Update Blog on Quora. Here’s the official source to this new update.

Check out the sample question that supports Embedded Tweets on Quora here: Click here

Infact, there is an extraordinary amount of serious content about politics, government, and economics on Twitter. And as Quora is a knowledge-sharing website, it is quite good to introduce such features on its platform.

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Not only that, it can increase the credibility of the Tweets used/embedded on Quora. Which makes Quora a much reliable platfrom to share knowledge.


Even after Quora released this update today, many users are reporting that this feature isn’t working for them. Which means it seems there is an issue with browser support, mobile support of the new feature. I hope Quora resolves this issue as soon as possible.

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That’s all about the “New Product Update: Embedded Tweet Support on Quora.”

It’s better to share fun&knowledge rather than saving it for yourself. So, stay Tuned to us for more.