Driverless Cars To Hit The Roads Of UK

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Driverless Car

Driverless and unmanned cars are set to debut on the roads of UK. The government has given and approved all the permissions necessary for the perfect launch of these unmanned vehicles. These Driverless cars are the future of the automobile industry. The competition in the world of autonomous cars is gearing up day by day. Driverless car technology in the UK is being shifted up a gear with a £ 20m boost with investment into eight new projects.More than 40 miles of roads in Coventry will be equipped with technologies to aid autonomous vehicles, the government has announced.It is a part of a plan announced by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, with a motto to start trails on the public roads as soon as possible.These vehicles are already being tested on the roads of Milton Keynes.The idea of Driverless cars is being moved on by the likes of Jaguar,Range Rover,Vodafone,Visteon and Siemens with an aim to develop most advanced technology for experimenting autonomous vehicles in the world.

Range Rover Car
High Tech Cars

This technology explains how the Wi-fi technology can transmit data directly  into the vehicles such as conditions of the roads,traffic jams etc.,This latest research forms part of the government’s £100m intelligent mobility fund which was announced last year and has set the wheels in motion for Britain to work towards a goal of 10% of the market.

Speaker in Nuneaton, Business Secretary Sajid Javid said: “Our cars of the future will be equipped with the technologies that will make getting from A to B safer, faster, and cleaner.”

“They will alert drivers of accidents ahead and be able to receive information from their surroundings about hazards, increasing the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians.”

Driverless car
Driverless car

The eight projects are:

  • Intelligent Transport Environment is connected with UK to explore the advantages of “talking car” technologies, on 40 miles of Coventry roads.
  • Insight develops driverless shuttles consisting of advanced sensors and control systems, with a motto to provide transport for physically handicapped and visually disabled.
  • The Autonomous logistic operations and management tools to develop modelling tools in association between computer games industry and transport modelers.
  • Flourish to  develop tools which improve the understanding  ability of users needs with concern to autonomous vehicles.
  • Move-UK to drive the market readiness and the creation  of autonomous driving systems.
  • Autonomous control technique test tries to reduce the cost of testing driverless cars systems.
  • Path for Autonomous vehicles to explore technologies to guide the vehicle data to guess the safety risks.
  • i-Motors – Future Cities Transport Systems to develop hardware that describes sensory data in practical world.

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