Disadvantages Of Using A Pirated Version Of Windows Operating System

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Pirated Windows OS

There were many disadvantages of using a pirated Windows Operating System. Some of the most common disadvantages are briefed below. You can’t neglect these disadvantages as they are responsible for severe and drastic damages. Windows Operating System, the most widely used operating system on the planet is also the most pirated operating system. Pirating the Windows operating system dates back to 90s where university college tech guys collaborate and buy a genuine Windows OS and circulate them over internet for free. To be really frank, Windows OS at that time was really expensive but not as expensive as a Mac. The evolution of peer-to-peer file sharing protocol helped and strengthened the piracy market. The Torrent sites took the piracy market to the next level.

Pirated Windows OS

According to Gartner, 48.70% of all the computers in the world run on a Windows – based operating system, 28.89% run on a Linux Kernel based OS and Apple OS X accounts for 16.33%. In spite of having a fan base of 48.70%, Microsoft’s revenues were very low and meager when compared to Apple Inc. . The only reason for Microsoft’s immense popularity is pretty clear; it is platform independent and is universal. Most of the digital hardware manufactured is perfectly compatible with Microsoft Operating System. Coming to Linux Based Operating Systems, they’re extremely powerful and stable but they do not enjoy a user friendly and a clean interface. They’re a bit technical increasing the gap between normal users and power users like geeks. But many corporations like Ubuntu and many other software developing companies were trying to bridge this gap.

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Market Share of Desktop OS
Operating Systems

Desktop environments like Unity have a clean and a user friendly interface, attracting and gaining new users. Linux based OSs have a great and a large community support. Coming to Mac OS X which is designed and developed by Apple Inc. , the user interface is extremely friendly, unparalleled and there is no one on this planet who don’t get attracted to Apple’s Mac OS X. Apple has got a great sense of design and creativity. No one can get on par with Apple. Apple has set a industry standard. Then why don’t Apple enjoy a huge market share? It’s all about price now. Being one of the greatest software and hardware manufacturers in the history, Apple’s quality is unmatched and unparalleled. Quality demands cost which is in turn levied on the end user. And now what? Everyone turns to Microsoft’s Windows Operating System; giving it the largest share.

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Windows Operating System
Microsoft – Windows Operating System


Enjoying the largest market share is not like a run on cheese. It demands hard work and is packed with many challenges. In the process, Microsoft got bundled up with many backlogs, backdrops and many disadvantages. Those disadvantages can’t be neglected as they possess a power of immense destruction.

Disadvantages - Windows OS
Pirated OS’s Disadvantages

Below are the disadvantages of using a pirated Windows based OS:

  • No official and commercial support from Microsoft.
  • PC gets slowed down and perform bad due to the hacks done to make it genuine.
  • No official builds and updates.
  • Malware and viruses pose a unstoppable threat.
  • Hackers might be spying on you. (Operating Systems downloaded from torrents may be modified by a hacker or a cracker to snoop on you.)
  • Keyloggers may be installed and running in the background which will store all your keyboard key strokes and transfer them to a hacker. Those key strokes contain passwords, personal details and much more.
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[And] all of the above, you just lose your character.

The most common disadvantages list above demand concentration and interest. Those disadvantages already costed a lot for many guys. Now please don’t get on to that list. Buy a genuine Operating System and help in keeping this world safe and genuine.

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