Difference Between Sleep and Hibernate – Truth Revealed

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Sleep or Hibernate: Difference

There is a real difference between Sleep and Hibernate. Most of the times, it’s a bit chaotic to clearly understand the difference between Sleep and Hibernate but we handled this task to make you guys walk on the butter. Most of the newbies don’t know “What is the basic difference between Sleep and Hibernate options”. So, let’s get clear about this thing. The Hibernate option was deprecated in Windows 8 and later versions. Actually, All of us don’t want to waste all the time shutting down your computer, then turning it back on later. What do we do? Well, you’ve got about two options: “Hibernate” or “Sleep“.

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Ever wondered he difference between these two? So, I’ll elucidate about these two power, time-saving options briefly. Here we go to unlock those differences exclusively for you.


Sleep or Hibernate: Difference
Sleep or Hibernate: Difference


Sleep Mode:

Sleep is a simple power-saving mode that permits a PC to quickly resume back to its full-power operation. That too within few seconds,whenever you want to get back to work again on it. It’s just like pausing a DVD Player and resuming it back, whenever you want to use it again. However, it is not the most effective Power-Saving Mode in PC.

Hibernate Mode:

Hibernation is actually primary-power-saving mode designed initially for Laptops. And later on it was approved even on PC’s. The Major Difference between Sleep and Hibernation is “Sleep keeps your work and settings saved and uses a small amount of power. But, Hibernation saves your Running or Open programs in a specific space or file on your hard disk, and then turns off your computer.

So, Technically it is clear that ” In Sleep Mode, programs keep running in background and uses minimal power, while Hibernation just saves the work in a specific file of PC and shuts-down the PC. So, when you get back, it reboots with the work you saved open.”

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Among all the power-saving modes in Windows, Hibernate mode uses the least amount of power. Hibernate is the best choice if you don’t have a chance to charge your Laptop, but still want your Work-files or programs be Open/Running, whenever you want to get back on to them.That’s the basic difference between Sleep and Hibernate Modes/Options in Windows PC’s/Laptops. Microsoft never publicized the reason behind the deprecation of Hibernate option; thinks we don’t need it anymore.

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