“g++.exe has stopped working” – Dev C++: Fix Error in Windows 8/8.1/10

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g++.exe has stopped working

g++.exe has stopped working – Error/Problem faced by many Coders. How to fix it actually? If you are ought to see this error, then you may be using the Bloodshed Dev C++ in Windows 8 /8.1/10 Operating Systems. Actually, this is a common error, whenever you install  the New Dev C++ and the error pops-up, whenever you try to compile a .cpp file.

So, I’ll help you to solve this problem by use of different methods, you can try and rely upon for this problem’s solution. What next? Let’s dive into the topic. Be with me, till the end for effective results of this problem-solving.

Error Fixing Methods for “g++.exe/g.exe not working”:

#Method 1:

In this method, by making changes of Few Parameters, you can fix your Error Simply.

  • Go to Tools and then to Compiler Options.
Dev C++ Compiler edit
Dev C++ Compiler Tools
  • Now, make the changes as elucidated in the Dev C++ picture below.


Dev C++ Compiler edit
Dev C++ Compiler Options edit
  • Done. I think this might help you. If this method does not work, move on to the next Method.


[Note: Recommended for x86 bit users.]

In this method , I suggest you to download the best stable version of Dev C++ form here  ( wait for few seconds for the download to begin ).
  • And I personally recommend all of you this method for using of Dev C++ of this version.
  • After completion of download of Dev C++ ,  download the two important header files given below.



  • I asked to download these files, because these header files mostly fixes all the errors that persist along with Dev C++ on Windows 8/8.1 and even for Windows 10.
  • After downloading both the header files,  just paste them into the following destination folder.
    C:\Program Files\Dev-Cpp\MinGW64\x86_64-w64-mingw32\include
  • Now, Run your Dev-C++ on the compiler. Then, you can find that you can work with Dev C++ from now without any errors. This method mostly works for all.
  • And I’ve tested it for myself. You won’t get g++ exception during compilation anymore.
  • Still the problem exists, then I recommend using next method, which is quite simple when Compared to others.


For Windows 8/8.1 users, the pop-up of “g++.exe has stopped working” appears on Dev C++, because of compatibility issues with the software installed in your PC. But, There is one easy or simple way to solve this problem. And in this method, I am going to show you all ‘how do we do it.’ And the easy solution is here. Follow the procedure which is given below for that.

  • Start Googling – I mean Open “Google Search
  •  In google search type “wxDev C++ download” exactly without a change. “wxDev C++” is the well compatible software for Windows 8.
  • Open the first result of Google, probably from SourceForge.
  • Now, click on full installer option and download it right away.

[Note : Quick download of Dev C++ link is Wx-Dev C++ ]

  • And now install it on your Computer.
  • That’s it. It’ll help you in almost all of the cases.

These are all the methods to Solve the Error of “g++.exe has stopped working” or “g++.exe not working“. And I admit all who look up  for this are determined to become sheer coders. I hope you will get the best of it.

Thanks for checking my article/post out. I hope you like this. Thanks for your Support and Love.

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