Details of The Software Apple Already Gave Us About The New iPhone & Apple Watch

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Apple Inc. has already sent us chilling details of the new software that is going to run on it’s new iPhone and Apple Watch. This new software so named as iOS 10 will just take Apple to the level which is just below infinity. The unmatched and unparalleled Apple products are going to get an extra shine with these new software updates. Apple in the recent days has given complete clues of what and how it’s new software is gonna be. We present you the details and the information Apple has sent in the recent past about the new operating system iOS 10 which is going to power the new iPhone and Apple Watch. It is very likely that Apple is going to unveil iPhone 7 with a new redesign and also Apple Watch 2 is going to make it’s way at the Sept. 7 event.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Arrives to Speak at Apple WWDC
Apple CEO Tim Cook Arrives to Speak at Apple WWDC


Back in June, the curtain was closed on iOS 10 and WatchOS 3, the operating system which is gonna power the new iPhone and Apple Watch.

Some Awesome Features of iOS 10:


Apple iOS 10 Lock Screen View
Apple iOS 10 Lock Screen View


  • Interactive Messages: The new Messages app will show videos and images if you send an URL and also offers other funny features like predicting emojis, displaying special texts with ink which would be revealed when rubbed with a finger.. So you’ll never get bored sending messages and this new Message app will keep you cool and excited all the time.
  • Sorting Photos: The new iOS 10 is equipped with facial recognition which will automatically sort photos based on people, places and more. Searching and sorting can’t be easier than this.
  • Siri Becomes Universal: Siri can now be used to control and use apps like WhatsApp and many more. Siri can soon send messages in WhatsApp and what not? Siri is everything in iOS 10.
  • Predictions: Your new Apple iPhone is a true astrologer. Siri is gonna become more intelligent which would anticipate and predict what you might be typing helping you out in sending texts, searching contacts and what not? It can even help you in impressing a girl!
  • Lock Screen is Command Center: The new iOS 10 makes you the Commander-in-Chief of your mobile. The lock screen is your command center. Drop bombs, send warnings (texts), navigate like a tourist to Camera, Photos, everywhere.
  • It’s All Yours: Don’t need some of the default apps by Apple? Okay. Go ahead and remove them. It’s your phone and make it play as you like.
  • Better Maps: Google definitely don’t like this move. Apple Maps has just got better. The new recipe: alternate routes, Uber functionality, traffic info and points of interest. Don’t it sound great? Google don’t provide us these features so we should really love Apple Maps.
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WatchOS 3:


Apple Watch
Apple Watch


  • Seven Timer Faster Performance: Apps in Apple Watch run faster, faster than ever. The app opens up and performs much faster than the previous one.
  • Command Center: Likewise in iOS 10, Apple Watch enjoys a feature that let’s you control and operate things from the home.
  • New Interface: WatchOS 3 redesigns the way Apple Watch looks and performs. The side button on the Apple Watch now brings up App Dock, swiping up gives you your settings and more.
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