Cyber War Between India And Pakistan

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0

Hacker Attack

Cyber War Between India And Pakistan. India and Pakistan have always been Rivals. Either at the borders,or at the Game of Cricket. But, Now it seems to be a rivalry on a different issue. And the war has undergone the “Digital Mode” now.

This happened just a week before. Late Saturday night, the official website of the Kerala Government:, has been hacked. Later, it was realised that the hacker was a Pakistani namely Faisal Afzal aka ‘Faisal 1337′ , who hacked the site for unsolidatory reasons. The description text on the homepage of the site  at that moment was reportedly  to be, “Official website of the RC Office,Govt of Kerala- New Delhi Hacked! Pakistan Zindabad.” It also mentioned “We Are Team Pak Cyber Attacker. Security is just an illusion.” He also spread the word by posting his ‘so-called-unethical-hacking’ achievements in his Facebook page. After this Incident, Cyber security expert Benild Joseph said, “Cracking of the Kerala Government website exposes the vulnerability of our official websites. It was just defacement and the officials concerned claim that the server is safe. Yet, the incident calls for a better cyber security mechanism.  Since no expert can ensure full security, constant vigil and awareness about the latest vulnerabilities are the key to ensuring security.”

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Pak attacks Indian Site
Pak attacks Indian Site

Within few hours of this cyber attack, an Indian hacking group “The Mallu Cyber Soldiers”  claimed responsibility of the revenge. By Vengence, they did it and announced that more than 100 Pakistani websites have been hacked, as a minimal payback to the Pakistani hack of Indian state Kerala Government’s website.

Mallu Cyber Soldiers
Mallu Cyber Soldiers

The Indian Hackers Group posted a message on their facebook page, “!!Message to Script Kiddies of Pakistan ….Do not touch Indian Websites !!! Now your 46 Pakistan government websites got crashed and 4 educational websites got defaced. This is a small payback for hacking Faisal 1337 go home kiddo, you are F***ed.”

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Indian Hackers Team retailed the pakistani hackers in a smooth pinching manner. However,these circumstances show that the long-stood rivalry took another form of action.  Is Cyber War is the new strategy of Pakistan to launch attacks on India?