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Google Chrome Standalone or Offline Installer - Updated Version Download

Google Chrome indeed is the best browser now. No other browser seems to have a wide range of extensions, themes, and apps. Chrome isn’t a single browser actually. It’s a category. Sub Categorized browsers of Chrome are Canary, Beta and Normal Versions in general. And Chromium used to be Chrome’s oldest version browser. It’s the basic browser to learn things for developers to create or design new browsers like Blisk, Opera etc.

And as we know, every time we need to download Google Chrome in our PC/Laptop, it only means that either you’ve bought a new PC/Laptop or you’ve changed your OS most probably. And every time, we get to use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge in Windows to download Google Chrome.

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Google Chrome Standalone or Offline Installer - Updated Version Download
Google Chrome Standalone or Offline Installer – Updated Version Download

But, the file we download every time is an Online Installer of Chrome. So, if you have low internet speed or bad connection issues, Chrome cannot be downloaded and installed properly. That’s why many users opted back in time to have Offline Installer for Chrome.
And as users wished, Chrome started developing it and released Offline Installer back then.

From that day, it became handy to many Internet Users to download offline installer of Chrome by using downloader tools like Eagleget and Internet Download Manager or by manual browser download.

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So, Google Chrome Standalone/ Offline Installer is now good option to install chrome even if there were Bad Internet Connection Issues. And you can even save it for later to use in another PC without Internet Usage.

Chrome Books - Google HQ
Chrome Books – Google HQ

And most of the Internet Enthusiasts always choose to download theseStandalone/Offline Installers, because they are handy to use anytime.

Here’s the download link for Google Chrome Standalone/ Offline Installer: Click Here (Official Google Chrome Standalone Setup URL.)

And the downloaded file will have a name as “ChromeStandaloneSetup.exe” probably.

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In addition to this, there are many sites that are circulating the fake links to Google Chrome Standalone/ Offline Installer Setup. Even though we cannot differentiate between fake and official files, there is a huge risk of losing Private details like passwords and financial account details. So, please be well awake and aware, when you download and install anything. Be smart…!!!

Enjoy using it. Know about and download more Standalone/Offline Installers at DustMoon.Com from reliable official sources.

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