Best Tools For Developers To Track The Bugs and Issues

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Bug Tracking

These are the best tools for developers to track the bugs and issues.  The Software developer needs to track and fix the bugs and issues which consists of codes of thousand lines and so. To make easier, these applications have been developed in order to make the projects faster and  more efficiently. Installing these apps would definitely help to sort out the problems which ultimately results in better end product. Keeping more tabs open at once may cause serious issues on the system, many of these apps allow users to submit feature requests and bug reports. Bug tracking tools will provide users to reports bugs directly from mobile. Here are some of the apps that will automatically detect such bugs and issues on the request from the users.


Bugzilla is a server side bug tracking system allows to keep track of outstanding bugs in a product. You can track bugs and change the code, communicate with the team, submit and review loops, and manage quality assurance. It’s supported by a team which constantly reviews and tests the products by Mozilla Foundation, and can be installed on many operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Bugzilla is also used for administrative systems, deployment management and IT support queues.

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Bugzilla-Bug Tracker
Bugzilla-Bug Tracker


Sifter provides the platform to work under high software quality product. The configuration required is small which leaves time to work more on your product. The dashboard gives you the overview of projects and makes your task quick. Milestones let you break down projects into due dates and keep track of the overall progress of each milestone with issue counts and status bars presenting you with the most pressing issues. You can receive the data of your project summary of the previous day activity.

Sifter-Issue Tracker
Sifter-Issue Tracker


Airbrake detects bugs in web applications and reports them in real time, so you will have the all the information you need to fix them quickly and efficiently. It was launched at RailsConf in 2008 and now monitors more than 6000 production applications. You can manage errors , view full backtraces, capture custom data, comment  and search for errors with real time notifications via SMS, Camfire, Email or via Webhooks. Its easy to manage apps in mutiple deployment environments with multi-app support which supports Ruby, PHP, Heroku Add-On, Django and Node.js. Its reliable, has robust architecture and data filter for security. It provide platform to track and report applications errors.

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Airbrake-Bug Tracking
Airbrake-Bug Tracking


It tracks both bugs and issues and customer support tickets through every phase of the development process. You can quickly install user feedback directly into the project through customizable case lists and histories,source control integration and automated error reporting. The advance project management features can create detailed project outline, enter time estimates and set milestones. The scheduling functions means you can produce ship date probabilities with the timeline chart, providing a detailed picture of what  each developer is likely to be working on at various points of the project.

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FogBugz-Bug and Issue Tracker
FogBugz-Bug and Issue Tracker


Bugify is simple powerful issue tracker system which features issue priorities, search filters, keyboard shortcuts, email notifications, issue linking,labels, milestones,markdown for formatting, user permissions and support for multiple languages. There’s SCM and VCS integration, with WebHook support, drag-drop attachments and real time notifications-so there’s no need to constantly check emails when an issue is updated. You can overview the issues existing based on the priorities,so it helps to detect and solve the issues. Its available free for iOS and Android, so you can manage issues from anywhere.

Bugify-Issue Traker
Bugify-Issue Tracker

There are many more tracking tools available for software developers which will help them in debugging and develop projects faster and save time.

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