The Best Games You Can Play On Your Smartphone This Year

by Praneeth Karnena 0

Angry Birds 2

No smartphone is without games. We have compiled the best games you can play on your smartphone this year. Games helps us relax and and keep us excited. Age is never a barrier for playing games. According to stats published by a research firm, 2016 is the year with most game downloads.

The most popular mobile operating systems, iOS and Android have seen tremendous developments in gaming sector. Both App Store and Play Store have seen millions of game downloads. 62% of the mobile owners install a game within the first week of ownership. Arcade is the most downloaded genre followed by action, puzzle, simulation and adventure. More than one third of the gamers in U.S. spend on an average of 9 hours per week for playing games. 37% of mobile owners allocate 30 minutes of their free for playing games. Saying so, we dive into the core, the best games to play in 2016.

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#1 Pokémon Go:


Pokémon Go Screenshot
Pokémon Go


Pokémon Go is the most played game of 2016. With over 7.1 million users rating this app 4-star in the Android Play Store, Pokémon Go tops the list. This adventurous game also caused several deaths worldwide. Pokémon Go is the most played augmented reality game ever. This game, once played, will be a addict’s best friend. This game is available on both Apple App Store and Android Play Store.


#2 Shadow Fight 2:


Shadow Fight 2 Screenshot
Shadow Fight 2


This is our favorite game. Shadow Fight 2 has 7.4 million 4-star rated users on Android Play Store. This action game is also one of the most loved mobile games. The game stats convey it. Folks at DustMoon love this game. This game is available on both Android Play Store and Apple App Store.

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#3 Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft:


Hearthstone: Heroes off Warcraft Screenshot
Hearthstone: Heroes off Warcraft


This is the best game we’ve ever reviewed. Hearstone has 1.1 million 4-star rated on Android Play Store. This game was 5-star rated by 33k users on Apple App Store. Unlike other games, this game is also available for download for your Windows PC and Mac. Download now for Android or iOS.


#4 Modern Combat 5: Blackout


Modern Combat 5: Blackout - Screenshot
Modern Combat 5: Blackout


Developed by Gameloft, Modern Combat 5: Blackout is one of the best action games of all the time. Packed with hard core graphics, this game keeps the user excited, no matter how frequently you play. This games is available for free on Android Play Store and Apple App Store with in-app purchases.

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#5 Angry Birds 2:


Angry Birds 2
Angry Birds 2


No matter, how many games may come, Angry Birds is an evergreen game. Truth be told, we always love this game. We never feel bored. This game, with little chirping sounds makes our hearts sing. From kids to daddies, everyone play this game. First released in 2009, this is one of the most downloaded game on both Apple App Store and Android Play Store. Get it free for Android or iOS.