Best Free WiFi HotSpot Software for Windows

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Free WiFi Hotspot Software

Internet access is most basic requirement for everyone in today’s world. However, when we consider the speed and availability in countries such as, India we need much more than just being that simple. Getting Internet Access in all devices, whether Smartphone or PC is a pre-requisite feature now a days. Hence, the Internet Network Connection or Access sharing via Wi-Fi hotspot is one of the best life-hacks that can make life more comfortable. Anyhow, the fact is that most of the computers and the smartphones now-a-days come up with built-in WiFi features compatibility, which makes the internet sharing phenomenon effortless.

But, Fact is that 95% of laptops available in the market have no internal software pre-installed to turn it to a Wi-Fi hotspot. However, you can turn it to a hotspot with the help of some other reliable third party software. So, now we are going to dive deep and talk about the best reliable Free WiFi Hotspot Software those can turn PC into Wifi Hotspot Routers simply.

1. 160 WiFi HotSpot:

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160 WiFi is remarkably popular among the intermediate level users for its unique features.

  • No Advertisements, No Pop-Ups, No Bull-Shit. It just works calm, smooth and fine.
  • By help of this 160 Wi-Fi, you can turn your PC into a WiFi hotspot in just one click.
  • 160 WiFi HotSpot (OsToto HotSpot) gives the entire control of all the devices that are connected to your hotspot.
  • You can restrict the actions of Hotspot Users, by Password Protection and Blocking System.
  • And this tool is even compatible with all versions of Windows(including Windows 10.)

2. My WiFi Router:

My Wifi Router is the most fast growing WiFi-Hotspot Software in Recent Times.

  • It can start just with-in seconds.
  • You can share the files over the WiFi-Hotspot with simple process.
  • It can control the User Authorization and can restrict their actions too.
  • Mostly User Friendly Interface can help us a lot.

3. Baidu WiFi Hotspot:

Baidu WiFi Hotspot looks so Good. Even you may fall in love with its feasibility.

  • It can share files from PC to Smartphone and vice-versa too.
  • It can start with-in seconds.
  • Its look is quite different from others. But, that look is awesome.
  • Smooth, Clear User Interface.
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4. My Public WiFi:

My Public WiFi is a Free WiFi Routing Software, just like all the above ones.

  • It has got the Client Management Tab embedded in it.
  • You can use features like URL logging by using it.
  • It can also act as WiFi-Repeater, when needed.
  • Compatible with all the versions of Windows.

5. mHotSpot:

mHotSpot is simple WiFi-Routing Software that can work efficiently for long hours without pause.

  • Its size is comparatively very small, when compared to other ones. It is just around the size of 1/2 MB.
  • It works incredibly great for Limited number of Users.
  • It is Free and Simply Effective HotSpot Tool.

6. Connectify(Paid):

Connectify is the most used paid Wifi-Routing Software by many users.

  • User Activity Control and Authorizations are simply under this Software.
  • Can Restrict Over-Data Usage activities.
  • Simple working, but very efficient tool in this topic.
  • Can create WiFi-Repeater Services in Pro(Paid) Plans, and can be normally used in trial versions.
  • However, Trial Versions have the Time-Limit Factor to make users to turn near to Pro Features.
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These are some of the WiFi HotSpot Free Softwares, but as per our supervision, they are the best right now. We recommend mostly the 160 Wi-Fi for moderate internet users, Connectify for Multiple Accessing Users.

And one more thing, if any one of you are using the Trial Version of Connectify and you are searching for an alternative to it, all the above Softwares can work just fine for you. So, that’s it. We’re done with the thing.

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