Bajaj Reveals INS Vikrant “V-The Invincible” Series Bikes

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Bajaj, India’s No.1 Automobile Manufacturing Company made another step forward to improve its Sales. It introduced INS Vikrant inspired “V” series bikes a few hours ago. By this project, Bajaj is expecting a Huge Response, due to the craze and pride of INS Vikrant in India.

Actually, Why did Bajaj named its new bike name after INS Vikrant? What is the matter behind it? At first, I too have the same questions in my mind. So, I will reveal you the whole story of BajajV” series motor-bikes.


INS Vikrant is a Glorious Air Craft Carrier of Indian Navy. And it is the First of its kind. It served a great purpose during the Indo-Pak war of 1971 for eastern naval blockade. After many years of wars and services to the Navy, INS Vikrant is no longer safe and compatible for use. So, as per Supreme Court decision it’s demolition started on 22nd November, 2014 and completed by mid 0f 2015. The Scrap Metal obtained from its demolition is bought by Bajaj. Then, it used the obtained metal to wind-up their new bike model at Mumbai.

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Bajaj-“V”-150cc-The Invincible

So, Bajaj came up with their plan and announced that their new motor-cycle is made from the great legendary aircraft carrier of Indian Navy, namely “INS Vikrant.” Thus, Bajaj unvieled its new motorbike as V”-The Invincible, as it is made up of INS Vikrant‘s Metal.

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“The Bajaj-V shall usher a new era in commuter motorcycling. We believe the Indian customers buying a commuter motorcycle deserves something that is substantial, solid, and which moves with a sense of purpose,” said Bajaj Auto President (Motorcycle Business) Eric Vas to the Media.

It also announced that Bajaj-“V”-The Invincible series motor-cycles are likely to be produced from 5th of this month. It is basically a 150 cc type bike. The price is expected to be in between 60,000 to 70,000 INR. However, the sales doesn’t start until mid of March, according to Reliable sources.

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That’s the whole story about Bajaj‘s Prestigious Project of “V-The Invincible“, which was made from Prestigious INS Vikrant‘s Metal.

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