Author: Chaitanya Vankadaru

Chaitanya Vankadaru

Co-Founder and Senior Editor

If you want to know about me in short: I'm Web Nerd, Geek, Cricket Lover and Troubleshooter.

My sins of choice are Talking Cricket, Content Writing and Coding. Better to have some hobbies, rather than having none.

I’m an Introvert to people I don’t like to talk. I’m an Extrovert to people I like to talk with.

I’m as patient as Rahul Dravid. I am as deadly as Light Yagami. I’m as unpredictable as Lelouch. I’m as gutsy as Naruto. Which makes me Unique although I’m cloning their qualities by virtue.

Although I’m an Electrical Engineer by choice, I ended up as a Programming Enthusiast ultimately. But, I won’t say I don’t like Electrical theories. They’re just too hard to learn, yet they seem interesting after every slice of the learning process.

I was blunt, honest, indifferent and me!

Veni, Vidi, Vici ;)