Assassin’s Creed Identity Is Finally Coming To Android

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Assassins Creed Identity

Assassin’s Creed Identity was first released worldwide on iOS in February 2016 and was developed and published by Ubisoft Blue Byte and Ubisoft. But don’t worry android user’s because your waiting for this game has come to an end. The game is finally landing on android this May 2016. And it will be available in the Google play store soon. The game is really cool in terms of graphics and different random Missions.


Assassins Creed Identity
Assassins Creed Identity


The game play is really awesome while playing. This game is open world action RPG game. It has got random missions in different types of places. It has got very heavy and HD graphics like in pc game. The graphics is really stunning and appreciable while playing. It looks really fantastic. When you play the game then you will really feel like you are playing in pc but not in a mobile. The graphics are really heavy and high which makes the characters to look very real. The whole looks and the game play is very much similar to the pc version game. The game really make you feel like you are actually an Assassin while playing.

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If we talk about the actual game play, the game first starts in Italy Renaissance with different types of places like Florence, Monteriggioni and in Colosseum that is in Rome. The game is in story mode and mission mode including with really cool looking different characters and weapons. You can also fully customize and evolve your Assassin whenever you want. The different characters involves like you can be a SHADOWBLADE, a THIEF, a BERSERKER and a TRICKSTER. And the fighting skills with sword and fists looks very real like in real world.

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Assassin's Creed Identity
Assassin’s Creed Identity


The game include a very cool feature like the Assassin can blend in to any type of character when he comes in contact with the peoples around him. There are also some restricted areas in the game and whenever the Assassin tries to enters to that restricted area then the enemies or guards get alerted and they immediately comes towards the Assassin and attack him. The user can also upgrade the Assassins skills, weapons and many more.

You can also earn mission contracts, XP and coins by linking your google account to the game. By earning all these XP and coins, you can compare with your friend and be the first to finish the game. It is a fully action open world game. It consists of different types mission like in story mode and in campaign mode. It also has two types of status that are Anonymous status and Wanted status. And if the Assassin keeps on killing the guards and running for sometime then he may overcome the problem with wanted status. When the Assassin is in anonymous status then the guards are non familiar with the Assassin but when the Assassin is in wanted status then there will be attack by the enemies or guards from every corner around him. When you open the game then the first screen consist of Missions, Assassins, Social, Shop and Codex at the below of the screen and at the top of the screen it consist of XP, coins and settings option.

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