Apple Inc. To Replace Intelligent Personal Assistant Siri With Viv?

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Viv-New AI by Apple

Apple Siri is gonna expire soon. Dag Kittlaus and Adam Cheyer, Inventors of Siri, have invented a new Artificial Intelligence Technology called ‘Viv‘. It is a powerful AI invented by Siri’s creators from APPLE which can be able to learn from the world to improve upon its capabilities.

Apple is the world’s largest IT company by revenue and 2nd largest mobile manufacturing company. This AI bot is more advanced than Siri and is super smart than any human being or any virtual assistant which can be able to carry out any complex tasks by mimicking the knowledge data-base of a human assistant.

Actually, “Viv” was named after the Latin root meaning of ‘Life’.  It is more advanced than Siri, Google, Cortana or Alexa. According to the inventors the Viv is supposed to be more flexible in its own way and providing the need or feel of a human.


Viv-New AI by Apple
Viv-New AI by Apple


Critics say  “Virtual assistants like Siri for instance, are able to answer simple requests of its user, but the makers of Siri have worked on something way better—that is Viv which is known to process even the most difficult requests and make the user feel like he’s interacting with a real human being.”

Actually the first work on ‘Viv’ was started in 2003. Viv can able to do a variety of things that Siri or any virtual assistant cannot do. Here is the magic that, it can order a pizza without even typing anything or downloading an app. That’s really cool, right?

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Viv is way of optimizing the internet that could, even beat the Google and make you more intelligent and capable in many great ways. Its believed that it will be as big as the internet itself. It will be like revolution to the tech industry present right now. Viv can be totally different than any virtual assistant, because it is designed to be totally open and you can do anything and everything in this new tech generation.


Viv-Apple's AI vs Siri
Viv-New Apple’s AI


When you interact with Viv, you will not feel like you are talking to a mobile or a virtual assistant instead you will feel like you are talking to a real human being in personal. Viv is an open system that will let businesses and applications become part of its huge brain. It will be like a teacher to the user who is using it by teaching and learning simultaneously. The main goal of the Viv is to predict and fulfill the user’s desire in many great ways.

Here is what ‘Viv’ can do, for example it can book you a ticket for something, it can book you a table for dinner, it can get you a movie ticket, it can pick you up from the street by sending you a Uber, it can also send flowers to your lovable ones. Viv is potentially a very BIG engine which challenges to do anything and everything to a user to satisfy his/her needs in his life. Viv can serve you as a great friend and more of personal assistant when you feel alone, having Viv in your pocket and feel like you are the smartest person in the world is really great. When a question is asked to the Viv by the user then it provides with multiple options to the user by collecting info from many sources. That’s par Brilliant Concept. It got a Great Tag-Line by many tech enthusiastic nerds.


Viv-The Global Brain

And many of you actually think what is main difference between Siri and Viv. So, here we clarify those doubts in an instant. Difference between Siri and Viv is that Siri can able to perform simpler tasks, like checking your phone book or making a call or showing you some news when asked and interacting with some limited apps. While she is doing all this, she struggles to piece information together. She can’t answer questions that she hasn’t already been programmed to understand. But Viv is different. It can able to use natural language and complex queries, linking different third-party sources of information together in order to answer the queries quickly. And it does so quickly, in a way that will make it an ideal user interface for the coming IoT. It will understand the user’s need in its own way with respect to the user’s  language, behavior and intent. And also can understand you and your behavior and preferences far better than Siri.

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It is also expected to come as a pre-installed feature in Tesla cars and other home appliance products,where you can actually talk to the non living things and make your work done in many great ways. And the Info is from Reliable Sources. Some sites even stated as “Watch out Siri, Cortana, Alexa. Be Feared. Be very much Feared.”

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