Apple To Launch A Search Engine?

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0

Apple is planning to launch a search engine called “Spotlight”. Tech Giant Apple is a new competitor in the Search engine field. Apple, known for it’s disruptive technology is undoubtedly going to be a arch rival of Google, if it comes up with that idea of search engine. Not only Google; Bing, Yahoo and MSN, will also feel the heat of Apple’s new Search Engine. Google is the default search engine on Apple‘s iOS devices but things are gonna change in the future.

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Apple Search
Apple Search

As Apple is fully aware of the benefits of having a search engine, it may have come up with this idea. So, Apple also affirmed that it is having its crawler “AppleBot”. These gossips about the Apple internet search engine began spreading, when website admins saw web crawlers going to their sites with IP locations starting with 17. It was amazing that the IP location square beginning with 17 is totally possessed by Apple. So,it assures that Apple is planning to reveal its own Search engine. But, There are rumours that the name of the Search Engine might be iSearch. However, Apple never confirmed that name. So, let’s wait and see Apple’s another wonder.