Apple Stores Users’ Personal iCloud Data on Google Servers

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Apple To Store Users' iCloud Data on Google Servers

Apple Inc. will hereafter store all the users’ personal data on servers powered by Google. Tech giant Apple previously opted Amazon Web Services to host it’s technology and to store users’ data. Apple Company’s drastic step would definitely effect Amazon’s power and image in the cloud computing industry. The Cupertino (California) headquartered company didn’t release a official statement and refused to comment. It was confirmed by Amir Efrati, renowned journalist who worked for the Wall Street Journal. Read his tweet here. The BBC has also stated that it has been able to “independently confirm the arrangement”.


Apple To Store Users' iCloud Data on Google Servers
Apple To Store Users’ iCloud Data on Google Servers


Apple’s decision was a big surprise to industry analysts as Google and Apple were arch rivals. In the tech industry, partnerships and agreements between rivals are pretty common. Previously, iCloud was powered by data center operated by Apple itself in the past. Gradually, Apple operated on Amazon’s AWS (Amazon Web Services) to serve it’s users. Now Apple has partially migrated to Alphabet owned Google Cloud Platform ditching Amazon’s Cloud Platform. AWS is a industry leader in cloud services and has been ranked no. 1. Google Cloud Platform was still a newbie in the cloud market.

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Google is may be a newbie in Cloud Computing industry but it’s data center techniques for speed optimization and reliability made Apple to take it’s side. Google Cloud was ranked #3 in the cloud computing industry which is behind Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Amazon Web Services remains the king of cloud, according to Gartner’s latest research. Apple is also a customer of Microsoft, using it’s Azure Cloud Services for a minimal extent. It was also said that Amazon’s Cloud capacity is 10 times more than it’s 14 competitors combined which means that Amazon is at no loss but Apple Inc. is at from it’s departure.


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Inside Amazon's Data Center Los Angeles
Inside Amazon’s Data Center Los Angeles


Apple has been developing it’s own data centers with support from other top players and we may see a iDataCenter soon. “The iCloud information is not at risk of being breached or otherwise observed by the ultimate owners of the platforms it resides on because of the very heavy encryption and partitioning technologies used,” said Chris Green, a tech expert at the consultancy Lewis. It was also confirmed that Google has paid $1 billion to Apple Inc. to remain as the default search engine in Apple manufactured devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod and so. Apple also uses Akamai Technologies to deliver content to the end user. Akamai Technologies is one of the leading Content Developer Networks in the world.

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Apple iCloud Sign in Screen
Apple iCloud Sign in Screen


So what now? Every bit of information, every data and every detail you cook, store, and save on Apple devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad and iMac will now be stored and saved on servers powered by Alphabet owned Google. That data includes photos, contacts, messages, literally etc. will be handled by Google’s server technology.

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Hey! don’t worry, Apple’s encryption technology will not even allow Apple to access your data. Thanks for reading. You might be interested in similar articles, check below.