Apple Live Photo Gets A Reply From Samsung Galaxy S7

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Apple Live Photo

Samsung, the arch rival of Apple, is launching a new feature as a reply to Apple’s Live Photo feature. According to a unnamed Samsung engineer, the new feature is set to debut on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 flagship series. Apple Live Photo feature was introduced with the Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The new feature which is soon to be launched in Samsung Galaxy flagship series will be called either Timeless Photos or Vivid Photos, according to the unnamed engineer of Samsung.

Apple Live Photos
Apple Live Photo

So what is Apple Live Photos?

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Apple Live Photos is a default app in iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and will be a feature in the later released handsets too. Every photo you capture on Apple iPhone 6s and later handsets, by default is a Live Photo. When you take a photo, Apple iOS captures the moment after and before you capture the photo. The captured moment will be of a 2 second span. The captured Live Photo can be termed as a short video of 2 seconds length. The Live Photo can be activated by tapping anywhere on the photo. Apple Live Photo is a great feature which can capture life’s most memorable moments. The Apple Live Photo feature will also capture audio too. However, the disadvantage of Apple Live Photo feature is, it can’t be shared on social networks as it also captures audio. Social networks like Facebook allows to share gif images. But gif images do not have audio embedded.

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Samsung Timeless Photo or Vivid Photo:

Samsung‘s new feature which is inspired by Apple Live Photo, do not capture audio which allows it to be shared on Social networks. Samsung Timeless Photo overcomes this disadvantage of Apple Live Photo but it is weighted with another disadvantage by not capturing audio.

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In a recent report, Samsung was said to be planning to concurrently launch three variants of the Galaxy S7. Apart from the Galaxy S7, it will reportedly launch the Galaxy S7 Edge and the Galaxy S7 Edge+ alongside.

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