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by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0

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Apple iTunes Roll Out in China. Yes, Apple Launches iTunes, iMovies and iBooks in China today. As we know, there is a huge craze for Apple apps in China. So, Apple Inc took this as an advantageous initiative and launched its renouned entertainment services in China at a good time. As Apple decided, it felt that it will be the right moment for launch of its streaming music services, along with iMovies and iBooks in China. So, Apple Inc launched them as they planned in China.

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Apple's New Services in China
Apple’s New Services in China

However, After a three-month trial membership, Apple Music will cost 10 RMB per month, or about $1.60 in China. But, the problem is that Chinese listeners are used to getting their music for free. There are over 100 pirated music websites in China. The most popular one reportedly gets 168.5 million visits per month: far more than any legitimate music download site. So,it makes sure that there is a huge competition for Apple services in China because of Internet Gaint, Tencent’s QQ Music, along with many pirated sites. Overall, Apple seems to be profited by its Chinese launches. Because, last month it surpassed Xiaomi as the Chinese Top Smartphone maker.Apple being a creative company, has localized its entertainment services with popular Chinese artists and authors. So, atlast it appears to be that Chinese Customers also fall into the magic of Apple products.