Apple iPhone 7 to Feature Wireless Charging: 15ft is the Range

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Apple iPhone 7 - Wireless Charging

Apple Inc. to pack iPhone 7 with Wireless Charging feature and it’s range extends up to 15 feet. Apple is planning a perfect launch for iPhone 7 which features a breakthrough technology, Wireless Charging. What is noteworthy is that, the range of the iPhone 7 is gonna extend up to 15ft. The wireless charging range of Apple iPhone 7 is absolutely 15 times more than the range of any mobile handset ever manufactured. Apple which is synonymous for creativity and innovation with unmatched and unparalleled design is gonna roll out iPhone 7 with revolutionary features.


Apple iPhone 7 - Wireless Charging
Apple iPhone 7 – Prototype


The Cupertino headquartered company is undoubtedly the most deserved and the best performing company in the tech industry with unmatched and unparalleled technology. Steve Jobs, the Creative Genius, the King Beautiful of Software has paved a vision which brought the Apple Ship from the waters of defeat to the ocean of victory. The Apple iPhone was first released on June 29, 2007 and was called iPhone 1st Gen. The 1st Gen iPhone at that time was the best smartphone available in the market featuring the revolutionary touch-screen feature. Apple devices’ feature the world’s best and the most advanced technology. Apple pays insane attention to design, which no other manufacturer has ever given a shot. It was also rumoured that iPhone 7 is going to be powered with iOS 10 which is another major update to the Apple mobile operating system.

Apple iPhone 6 - Wireless Charging
Apple iPhone 6


Wireless Charging is a characteristic attribute of Apple iPhone 7. As everyone knows, the quality of Apple products is unmatched. Even god will give up to Apple. Apple has partnered with a Wireless Charging Firm which allows it to implement revolutionary tech on it’s devices in the near future. The property of wireless charging is gonna extend up to 15 feet which just stuns you. You are 15 feet away from your charge pad and you can still put up with your work while charging. The distance is just perfect. This unmatched trait of Apple products make them unique. iPhone 7 is gonna mark another victory for Apple Inc. . There are many other aspects in which iPhone 7 is gonna defeat every other mobile on the planet. Some of those factors are exposed and some aren’t. Right from the start, Apple follows a specific theme on design and functioning of it’s devices, iPhone, iPod, iPad and iMac.

Apple Live Photo
Apple Live Photo


According to a private source, Apple has partnered up with the tech firm Energous to use their WattUp wire-free charging system in future smartphones. The technology of Energous allows a device to get charged from a distance of up to 15 feet. It was also told that Energous has optimized it’s technology to suit Apple devices. iPhone 7 is gonna get charged by receiving power from a transmitter. If all goes as expected, the Apple iPhone 7 is gonna create a separate chapter in the book of history. This Wireless Charging feature allows users to charge their phone seamlessly while working with it and erasing the word wired.

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